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Swalif Bakhoor 80gm

Incense & Bakhour

What is Bakhoor / incense?

Bakhoor comes in different forms, you can choose according to your convenience or use that gives you Bakhoor in question. There are different forms of incense, because there are several modes of cultivation. Each Bakhoor is unique and is not made of the same materials and this is what makes them original.

  • BAKHOOR SWALIF: Bakhoor LATTAFA wood chip incense Quality fragrance made in the United Arab Emirates.
  • OLFACTIVE NOTES: The irresistible Oriental Incense blends energizing notes of Oriental Note, Sandalwood, Oud and Musk to create a bold fragrance that is truly heavenly
  • CAPACITY: Bakhoor SWALIF is packaged as wood chips in an 80g packet which is very easy to put on the burner.
  • BAKHOOR INCENSE: Become seductive in this bakhoor when used with a Bakhoor burner for an incredible aromatic sensation that surpasses even the use of incense sticks or candles.
  • RELAXATION: A feast for the senses – Bakhoor Oud scented wood, enriched with fine and fragrant essence. When burning incense over charcoal, the fragrances are released and give off a pleasant and relaxing scent. 

So there are incenses in:

  • Dhoops (Stick-shaped)
  • Chopsticks, (Shape of chopsticks)
  • Resin (in powder form)

There are certain products and plants that are known to be regularly used for the manufacture of these bakhoors. So you can find them easily.

Use of Bakhoor

It depends on the type and purpose of using a bakhoor. One feature that is common to all of these forms of bakhoor is that you burn it to diffuse their scent. There are two possible types of combustion. One is direct combustion which consists of setting fire directly to bakhour. It is possible because the incense is mixed with a flammable base which, once the flame has gone out, runs the hot coals until it disappears from bakhour.
The second is indirect combustion which consists of putting on a heat source. For example burning coal and, if this source is unavoidable, it means that your bakhoor does not contain a base that lets it burn on its own.

What do people use incense for?

The first reason to use bakhoor is to create a special mood. Of course, the mood in question depends on the choice of perfume you have made. It depends on the smell and atmosphere you prefer. Incense can soothe and calm you down, if you need to meditate or do yoga, you can choose a sweet fragrance.

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