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5 Beautiful Life Lessons from Quran

  • 3 min read

Did you know there are 114 inspiring surahs, 6,236 beautiful verses, and words full of wisdom inthe Holy Quran?

The Quran is a holy book of Muslims. It is a book of guidance, advising, and learning. Each Parah, verse, and surah in Quran has some deep meaning and life lesson for the world. The holy book is not just for inspiration, but also for enlightenment and counselling. 

The Quran guides us towards empowerment and peaceful life. It is a ray of hope for people in their darkest times. 

Here we are going to talk about five beautiful life lessons from the Holy Quran. 

Powerful and Life-Changing Quran Lessons

Quran Verse 25:63 - Be Humble and Choose Peace

Those who walk on the earth with humbleness and stay peaceful when some foolish person addresses them improperly are only true servants of the Most Gracious. 

It means only true servants of Gracious keep humbleness and chooses peace in every situation. They are the most loveable to Allah. 

So always choose peace and humbleness over fights and cruelty. 

Quran Verse 103:1-3 - Have Faith in Allah and Do Good to Others

When a man is in a state of loss, Gracious saves only those who have faith, do good deeds, follow the path of truth, and keep patience.

It means that when mankind has to bear the loss, some exceptional people can keep themselves away from it. The exceptions will be those who possess four qualities: have faith, always indulge only righteous deeds, tell the truth only, and keep patience. 

Quran Verse 51- No Compromise With Moral Standards

What was your intention when you solicited Joseph? Allah enjoin! We know nothing wrong with him. The truth is revealed, I solicited him. He is a true man. 

It means a believer does not compromise his moral values to get any benefit. No matter how strong falsehood is, the truth will always win. 

So if you are living your tough days and Allah is testing you, trust him and stand with the truth. Remember today or later, the falsehood will lose. Allah rewards the truth with victory. 

So do not compromise with your moral values and remain truthful. 

Quran Verse 17:53- Say No to Gossip

Advise my servants to say only the best things. Indeed Satan convinces them; Satan is an enemy to humans.

The verse means that gossip is the seed of division. It convinces people to show themselves better by putting others down. It is a temporary ego boost and wins you some admirers, but it is not beneficial for the long term. Gossiping can only make you lonely and untrustworthy. People do not like you for that. 

Do you like it when someone talks bad about you? No. So how can you talk bad about someone else? 

Avoid gossiping and walk on the path of truth and togetherness. 

Quran Verse 67- Do Not Question the Existence of the Creator.

Whatever the situation is, do not let your trust in Almighty shake. By trusting Allah, you can find yourself solace. Allah loves those who devote themselves to doing good. 

May Allah give all of us the ability to imbibe his teachings in our lives.

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