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Adapting Your Hijab for Autumn – The Key Tips

  • 2 min read

It’s sad to say it, but summer has well and truly left us for another year. At the time of writing, we’re halfway through September and the weather’s certainly letting us know about it.

The days are getting shorter and the weathers getting colder (and a little wetter) as the month progresses.

But on the plus side, we get to see those gorgeous autumnal colours as the leaves do their thing.

You’re also going to have to pack away those summer clothes and adapt to the season. And that’s where this article comes in. You’ve spent the last few months wearing summer hijabs.

These are the tips for switching to a more autumnal style.

Florals on Dark Backgrounds

Summer fashion is all about light and vibrant colours. But autumn brings with it a more sombre mood that you hijab choice should reflect.

But that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of the floral patterns that you love so much.

It just means a bit of a different backing colour than you had in the summer. Go for light-coloured flowers against dark black or brown backgrounds. You get that tougher look that the autumn calls for while still keeping some of the colour that you love so much in the summer.

Thicker Fabrics Are a Must

This is as much a practical choice as it is a stylistic one.

Sticking with lighter fabrics means that the autumn chill is more likely to break through and affect you when you’re out and about.

Go for a thicker material so your hijab feels nice and snug. Just be careful with how you put the garment one. Heavier materials mean more strain on your hair, so try to mitigate this by changing how you wear your hair under the hijab every couple of days.

Colour Coordinate

Your clothes are generally going to take on a darker tone during the course of autumn and your hijab choice will need to reflect that.

The good news is that you have a little bit of choice when it comes to colour coordination. You can stick with darker tones for the hijab to create a cohesive look from top to bottom.

Or, you could go for a much brighter colour with the hijab to create a contrast against the rest of your outfit.

The latter choice is a slightly more risky move. Get it wrong and you’ll end up with a complete clash of colours that won't give you many style points.

Try matching your hijab to your shoes to give the ensemble that bookended cohesiveness.

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The great thing about autumn arrive is that it gives you the chance to make a few additions to your wardrobe.

After all, nobody can expect you to wear last years’ hijabs, right?

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