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Buying a Watch as a Gift? Here’s What You Should Know!

Festivals are just around the corner, and you might be thinking about gifts. Well, one of the best gifts is indeed a watch (which everybody loves). However, your search for the best timepiece might get a little hectic as the watch market is flooded with options right now. Also, the process usually becomes more complicated if you are buying for someone else. 

To bring you out of this muddle, we have got you covered with some factors that you should know while buying a watch. Let’s have a look:

Things to Know Before Buying a Watch


The best way to simplify your watch buying process is by fixing a price point. Your best pick should be the watch that is not only outstanding but also fits in your budget. For instance, timepieces from Saa’i watches are created with excellent craftsmanship making them perfect choices at affordable prices. 

Watch Movement

There are three types of watch movements:

Quartz Movement-This movement depends upon a tiny quartz crystal along with a battery to move. Watches based on the quartz movement are the most affordable ones in the market.

Automatic Movement- As the name suggests, these watches depend on the power of your motion to move. For instance, you might have noticed a watch with an open dial showing the inner workings of a machine, which is the perfect example of automatic movement. 

Manual Movement-These are the least preferred types of movements as it involves self-winding set the time. 

Use of the Watch

The next thing you need to keep in mind is its use. For instance, does the person you are gifting wear a watch daily? In that case, you will have to look for a watch with a sturdy finish that is good for daily wear. Or if you are thinking of gifting an elegant, dress watch, it can go for formal occasions.

To make your search better,Saa’i time watchesoffer amazing timepieces that are perfect for both daily wear and formal occasions. This way, you wouldn’t be confused about which one to go for. 

Size of The Watch

The next important thing to consider is the size of the watch. Pay careful attention to the dial millimeters and how it will look on the person you are gifting. You should consider the setting, personal style of the person, and wrist size to pick the best watch. For instance, people with smaller wrists should go for a watch that has a small dial and is elegant. 

Watch Strap

The four strap materials include leather, rubber, metal, and nylon. All of these materials have a distinct touch and compliments the personality. For instance, leather and rubber are most suitable for daily use as they are sturdy. On the other hand, metal is perfect for wearing on formal occasions. 

If you wish to buy watches of excellent quality, you can buy from the handpicked collection of watches from Saa’i Time Watches and make your loved ones happy. Buy their watcheshere