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Difference Between Bakhoor and Oud Fragrance

Bakhoor and Oud are some of the most incredible Arabian scents used by many households for a long time. These two fragrances often confuse people, especially incense lovers.

That's why we’ve come up with this blog to explore the major differences between Bakhoor and Oud fragrances. We will touch on their uses and origin, among other definitive characteristics. Read on!

What is Bakhoor?

Bakhoor, or Dukhoon as others might call it, has been around for several years. It first originated from the Spartan Levantine tribes of Arabia, who would use it to fragrance the atmosphere to put off insects.

It refers to refined incense made with several natural ingredients. It typically comprises scented bricks and other components that might be natural but not necessary. Agarwood in the form of wood powder is added to it to give this fragrance an excellent touch.

What is Oud?

Oud is a fragrant oil traditionally worn by Emirati men and women. It is made from raw agarwood chips extracted from trees that produce resin. These chips go through minimal processing to create this scent which is often pricey since they are rare.

The chips have their unique smell depending on the region of origin. Most local traditional perfumers use pure oud oil, which holds so much value. However, other Westerners recreate this signature with artificial ingredients.

4 Key Differences Between Bakhoor and Oud


Bakhoor can either be used in an indoor or outside environment. Most people use it as a room fragrance to lighten up the atmosphere. This is why you will find it in five-star hotels, private Emirati homes, and traditional coffee shops.

Due to the spiritual aspect that this fragrance has, it makes it ideal forreligious and spiritual ceremonies. It is also a great neutraliser of smells thanks to the beautiful scents it contains. Furthermore, it brings a romantic feel, which is perfect for special occasions and weddings.

Oud is a great fragrance for relaxation, Aromatherapy and will be excellent for everyday use. It may not be as intense as Bakhoor, but it is naturally made and therefore gives one a calming and soothing scent. It acts as an undercoat when applying it with another signature scent since it lasts longer.

Size and Shapes

Bakhoor is available in various sizes and shapes. This means you can get a small, circular, or long rectangular structure.

Oud fragrance, on the other hand, comes in various lengths and thicknesses. You, therefore, can describe one sample of it as long and thick or short and thin.

Ingredients Used

When making Bakhoor, a mix of natural resin and sandalwood is used. Oud, on the other hand, is made by blending natural wood chips and fragrance oil.

Kind of Fragrance

Bakhoor is a perfume oil made from a natural extract. It has a Jasmine type of scent that calms the strong fragrance from Oud wood. For Oud, it is still a natural fragrance that produces its oil when burnt. Its aroma is more potent since it is not processed as much.

The differences between Bakhoor and Oud are pretty imminent, from how they are made, where to use them and how they appear. However, it is safe to say people derive the most from the Bakhoor fragrance. For this reason, its popularity and usage are massive, so go ahead and get yourself one.

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Feature Image Source: Photo by Chris Rosiak on Unsplash