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Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Abaya

  • 3 min read

Abayas are one of the biggest modest clothing essentials. 

Some have an abaya as their daily wear while others enjoy wearing it on specific occasions. Some wear it all black, while others like to experiment with colours. 

No matter what type of abaya wearer you are, there are a few dos and don’ts of wearing an abaya that you should keep in mind. Below are a few guidelines that you should follow.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing the Abaya

Tattered embroidery and stones 

Keep a check on the embroidery and stones of your abaya. Embroidery and stones improve the look of the abaya, but if these embellishments get worn off or tattered, it gives a bad impression. So avoid wearing such abayas or fix them before you wear them.

Stains on abaya

Check for stains like dust or food on your abaya. Wear a clean abaya whether you are going to a mall for shopping or simply going for a walk in the nearby garden. Untidy abaya doesn’t give a good impression of your personality therefore, leaving home after checking your dress is important. Cleanliness is necessary, not for the others but for you, as a clean abaya is hygienic and makes you more confident. 

Dusty bottom

College going girls roam and sit everywhere wearing an abaya - from stairs to playgrounds. Surely, they can go wherever they want, but it is important to look presentable. The bottom of the abaya gets dusty, which makes you look untidy. So whenever you wear an abaya, wear it with elegance. 

Hand Wash your abaya

Hand wash your abaya to make it look new for a longer period. Washing an abaya by hand is more gentle than a machine; it maintains the shine of the fabric. Also, use a liquid cloth soap to wash abaya rather than harsh detergents because detergents may leave white marks on black abayas. 

Minimum sun exposure 

After washing, don’t let the abaya dry too long in sunlight. Prolonged exposure of abaya to the sun can fade its colour and make it look old soon. So, once the abaya stops dripping water, let it dry in a room away from sunlight under a fan. 

Crease free abaya

Washing and drying your abaya is not enough; you also need to make sure that your abaya is crease-free. Always consider ironing your abaya after washing and drying it. It makes you look presentable and well dressed. No matter how costly the abaya you buy, until it is not crease-free it will not look good. 

Right length

Long abayas sweeping the ground or an abaya that is too short are never a glamorous idea. Go for the abaya with the length a couple of centimetres below the ankle. When buying an abaya, try it on the flats and the heels both. 

It is always beautiful to wear an abaya, but if one doesn’t take care of the dos and don’ts of wearing it, you lack professionalism and presentation. 

Follow the practices of wearing an abaya mentioned above. It will help you in maintaining a presentable look while keeping the dignity ofIslamic clothingintact. If you are looking for modest abayas to add to your wardrobe,buy abaya online atJubbas - a one-stop Islamic lifestyle store. Shop now and look trendy!