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Excellent Eid Gift Ideas 2021 - Part 02

  • 2 min read

Giving gifts to our loved ones on special occasions is a universal tradition. It is a noteworthy way to shower your love on your friends and family. 

Giving a thoughtful gift sure involves effort... but it shows how much you care and respect the person. Therefore, if you want to make people feel special and loved, handpick their gifts with us!

We are here with some excellent gift ideas for Eid 2021. Let us explore!

Gift Ideas for Eid 2021

Cute Ramadan Mubarak Mugs

Ramadan mubarak mugs

We all have a family member or friend who is an enthusiastic tea or coffee drinker. They might have gone overboard with their mug collections and still, there are never enough mugs for them. 

We are bringing something unique to the table for that friend of yours -cute Ramadan Mubarak mugs. The novelty of this collection lies in the power of colourful contemporary design lanterns and beautifully written Ramadan Mubarak. These beautifully designed mugs radiate a rich and delicate presence.

Stylish Modest Wear

Buy modestwear online
Clothes are a common Eid gift for all age groups. The designs and styles of the clothing may vary in different regions. However, modest wear is in trend everywhere. 

When it comes to giftingstylish modest wear to women, a shawl, abaya, or scarf is a nice idea. Thobe, Jubba, t-shirt, and hats are great gifts for men. Clothes are the perfect gift for everyone because no one can ever have enough of them. 

Skincare Products

Skincare products

The cosmetic and skincare products today have inconsiderate ingredients that are not good for our skin after long periods of use. If you wish to give a wholesome and healthy skin product, halalskincare products are your answer. They contain natural, organic, and halal ingredients. There is a wide range of products - moisturizing balm, brightening mask, facial serum, rice cleansing powder, night cream - you can give any or all of them. It is a delightful gift idea for females as they are always up for pampering their skin. New skincare products will surely excite them. 

Greeting Cards

Eid Mubarak Cards

If you are in search of the most personal and treasured gift,greeting cards are what you need. Do you know what’s better than a greeting card? A personalised greeting card! 

Gift your loved ones a greeting card with beautiful and well-wishing messages inside. It is easy and beautiful enough to be kept on display all year long! It is a thoughtful gift item for every age group -  from kids to adults to old people. Show your gratitude and love to them by writing messages in beautiful greeting cards. 

Travel Essential Combo

Travel Combo

If you know a female travel lover, an admiring and functional minitravel essential kit is the perfect way of showing your love and care to them. Look for a travel kit that can contain essentials like hand cream, lip balm, hair bands, hair grips, nail file, earplugs, comb, and mirror. It is a convenient and useful gift option. 

Eid is the best time to enjoy the time of celebration and share tokens of love in the form of a gift. Buy the most thoughtful and affordable gifts for your near and dear ones atJubbas Store.