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How to Choose a Fragrance for Him?

  • 3 min read

The fragrance is an intangible yet important part of your style. It defines the way how people feel around you and remember you. 

They say that the behaviour of others depends on the way you dress. A lesser-known (but true) saying is that your fragrance also makes a positive or negative impression on others. 

The charisma, confidence, and the way a man carries himself are highly influenced by the fragrance of perfume he uses. For a man to be the most elegant and charismatic, his perfume helps in creating a bold statement. 

Unfortunately, perfumes and colognes are a lesser-explored territory by men. Thus, choosing a fragrance for him can be a dilemma. His fragrance should define his personality to the best... and bring out a better version of him. 

If you want to gift a perfume or cologne to your dad, husband, friend, brother, or boyfriend, here are some tips to choose a suitable fragrance- 

Tips to Choose a Fragrance for Men

Consider the Goal 

When you enter the store, think about what you want with the fragrance. Consider the person’s personality - Do they have a serious personality type? You can lighten their mood with a citrus scent. It’ll also keep his mind calm and stress-free. 

If he wants to portray himself sincere at the office, choose a deeper scent like the fragrance of spices or woods. Once you know what is your goal with the scent, it’ll eliminate lots of unnecessary fragrance options. 

Consider the Type

It is a general belief that perfumes are a women's thing. Men are advised to use colognes. This is inaccurate. Both perfumes and colognes differ in the concentration of the perfume extract. 

There are four categories of perfume based on their concentration- Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. Parfum has the maximum concentration followed by Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. 

If you want the fragrance to last longer, choose the one with maximum concentration. 

Consider the Scent Family

Most of the scents have originated in the Middle East. Citrus, fern, floral, chypre, oriental, and leather- these are the primary scent families ordering from light scent to dark. The choice of the fragrance changes according to the occasion and time of the season. 

If you are gifting perfume to a man in the summer season, choose a light and fresh fragrance. It gives an impression of freshness. In winters, dark and deep fragrances work better. Spicy, musky, and woody scents are best for winter nights. 

Consider Persona

The fragrance defines your personality. It creates a deep impression on the person you meet for the first time. They may remember you by your fragrance. Therefore, choose a fragrance that creates a statement about a person. It should also suit their charisma and body language. 

If they are the romantic type, choose floral fragrances like lavender, jasmine, androse oud. If they are a broody type, choose more woody ones likeKhalis oud musk, moss, and vetiver. 

A signature scent can be a secret style weapon for a man. We hope these tips help you choose the best perfume. 

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