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How to Maintain a Healthy Muslim Marriage?

  • 3 min read

Marriage in Islam has a lot more significance than simply being called someone’s spouse. It is a divine blessing graced by Allah himself, and marks a sacred bond between two individuals. The real purpose of marrying someone is translated into finding tranquility in your partner. It is because of your love that you can better connect with Allah and discover his blessings.

A healthy marriage often appears difficult to achieve, but one can certainly make it through with genuine effort and attention! Just as water and sunlight are needed to make a plant grow, you must put in the much-needed things for your marriage to work wonders. 

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Muslim Marriage

So here are some of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy and loving Muslim marriage that fills you with immense gratitude. Let’s dive in!

Respect Your Partner

A successful, long-term relationship tends to result from mutual respect gained by both partners. It is essential to regard each other’s individuality and accept them for who they are. 

Maqsood Ruqaiyyah Waris’s The Muslim Marriage Guide also offers invaluable insights into maintaining a healthy marriage and how it works. It draws effective advice on how to love your partner in this lifetime and prepare each other for the next one!

Explore Commonality

When the mind is accustomed to focusing on the negative, you are likely to sway away from each other’s common interests. To maintain a healthy and happy marriage, it is vital to pull out your mutual likes and hold onto them. Whether it is gardening, travelling, or watching movies— explore what you both like and do it more often, together!

Pray in Union

To begin with, you marry and love your partner for the sake of Allah. Thus, praying together is one of the most heavenly things you can do as spouses. True married couples please Allah together, be it in the way of reading the Quran or during the long hours of Fajr. 

You must also ensure to have congregated charity to establish your love for one another and for Allah! Books including the Ideal Couple share excellent tips to have a successful companionship with your special one. 

Forgive More Often

Human beings are far from perfect, and thinking your partner is 'perfect' might not be a good idea. The secret to a healthy Muslim marriage is to forgive each other and keep moving forward. 

Situations can be tough at times, but your love for one another gives you the power to focus on the future rather than dwell in the past. Remember, to err is human, and we are no God!

Resolve Conflicts

All marriages tend to have conflicts after a point in time. It is crucial to resolve and settle them before they turn into significant rifts. Start by understanding your partner and knowing what the real issue is. This helps you negotiate your disagreements and reach a conclusive, happy resolution. 

Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera shares the beautiful philosophy of reaching the ultimate bliss with his book, The Healthy Muslim Marriage. Highlighting various anecdotal experiences, the book also throws light upon culture and society. 


These were some practical and effective ways to have a healthy marriage with your partner... and enjoy this blissful time. It is important to get through your low times in marriage to savour the most divine feeling in the world!

We hope you find these ways helpful in maintaining a happy marriage with your spouse. For more similar blogs, stay tuned.