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How to Style Abaya in Summer Season

Abayas, with their graceful presence, have become our trusted fashion companions. They blend tradition with contemporary style seamlessly and help you create a fabulous article ofmodest clothing

However, as the summer hits us, styling an abaya with its classic length and traditional cut can get tricky. But don’t worry - it is possible to experience the beauty of this traditional garment while staying cool and fashionable. In fact, you can infuse abaya ensembles with playful and refreshing energy in the warm season. 

In this blog, we share tips on how to stay cool and comfortable while slaying your beautiful abaya in the summer.

5 Ways to Style Abayas Modestly in Summers

Pick Light & Breathable Fabrics

Let’s be honest. Abayas sticking to your skin in the peak summer heat is not very comfortable. So say a strict 'no' to thick knits, velvet or brocade, heavy satin or silk, and think polyester in the warm season unless you want to sweat buckets underneath. 

Instead,buy abayas online made from light and natural fibres, such as cotton, linen, or lightweight chiffon and crepe. Soft and gentle, they provide optimal air circulation, absorb sweat, and keep you cool all day long.

Wear Pastel & Soft Tones

It’s time to lock up your black and dark undertones and bring out the cooler colours. Dark colours absorb more heat from the sun, making them less suitable for summer abayas.

Capture the essence of summer with pastel and soft colours. From blush pink and mint green to sky blue and lavender, pick any of your favourite shades — they add a refreshing and calming vibe to your personality.

Choose Loose and Flowy Silhouettes

When the summer is in full swing, loose and flowy abaya silhouettes can keep you cool and comfortable without compromising style. You can enjoy breathability and ease of movement in your light garment without having the clothes cling to your body. 

Abayas with A-line cuts are a classic style to give you a relaxed and elegant look. If you want to add a little drama to your abaya, pick flared sleeves. Bell sleeves, butterfly sleeves, and kimono-inspired designs are lately in the limelight. Or go for the timeless elegance of kaftan-inspired abayas. 

Go for a Comfortable Design

Abayas with open-front designs are a fashion game changer in hot and humid weather. With better ventilation, it allows for better air circulation and keeps you cool. 

It also helps you win in the style quotient with versatile layering options. You can don a stylish blouse, a coordinating dress, or a contrasting top, and add depth to your stylish ensemble. Frankly, the styling options never end. You can cinch your abaya with a belt for a defined and polished look.

Go for Delicate Embroidery and Minimal Embellishments

We all love to go for a heavily embroidered velvety abaya to create a statement look. However, say a temporary goodbye to excessive embellishments in the summers. They add weight to your dress and restrict the airflow. 

Instead, pick abayas with intricate stitching, delicate lacework, or subtle beadwork to keep your outfit light and elegant. Such fine detailing will enhance the beauty of your abaya without overpowering its modest essence.

We hope these abaya summer styling tips help you strike a balance between modesty and comfort. If you want to shop modest fashion online, exploreJubbas. We have an exclusivemodest clothingrange for Muslim men and women. Shop now!

Feature Image Source: Photo by Umar ben on Unsplash