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How to Use Candles in Your Home Decor Scheme

Candles are slightly underrated when it comes to home decor. However, remember when the lights turn off, it's the candle that makes light, creating a welcoming and warm environment. 

The purpose of candles is not just to brighten up space, but also to create an air of sophistication with the decorative elements. It gives a stimulating boost to your decor and reflects your creative taste in home styling. 

The market is chock-full of various designer candles - all available in different colours, shapes, and sizes. These dainty and aesthetic designer candles look great in minimalist yet modern settings. When arranged nicely with the right elements and accessories, they can easily transform a room into an amazing and inviting space. 

Today, let’s discuss some unique ways to incorporate candles into your home decor scheme.

Ways to Incorporate Candles into Your Home Decor

Here are some inspiring ways to use candles in your home decor and bring in the elegance and zeal to your surroundings.

Candle terrariums 

Terrarium candles are those delightful candles that hold the sweet-smelling aroma and cuteness making it a perfect gift for plant lovers.

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The beautiful candles not only smell heavenly but also add visual interest with the mini succulents placed together. You can play with the texture and add in different elements with all your creativity and imagination. 

In the entry 

You can make the entry of your house more welcoming by using candles just at the doorway. The refreshing scents flowing in and a warm glow is the most elegant way to say hello to your guests! You can give it a more balanced look by adding flowers that work beautifully and also compliment the glow of the candle. 

You can also incorporate something from your garden like dried stalks of Japanese silver grass or dried hardy succulent flowers. Set the candle at a certain height to make sure nothing in the surrounding catches fire. Here you create an ultimate welcome!

Rustic style 

If you want to give a rustic makeover to your space, use simple iron and glass scones and you are sorted! Place beautiful candles in attractive containers to add that unique charm toolorr your living room. 

Using aromatic candles that not only decorate your room, but also vanquishes the distressing surroundings with its relaxing aroma. 

Mirror candle tray

Makeover an old mirror tray as a candle base. The mirror base will dramatically reflect the delicate glow of the candles. Add some unexpected reflective elements to your mirror tray arrangement. Add a twist to the style adding some colourful pieces of art.  

Moss and candles for a centrepiece 

White and green pairs so naturally together.

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Arrange a white tray and fill it with moss bedding; if you can’t arrange natural moss substitute it with fake artificial moss. This arrangement brings the mother nature inside your house. It helps soothe and relax the atmosphere. 

Fireplace with candles 

Mimicking a fireplace is as old as hills; give it an innovative look with candles. Twist the fireplace arrangement by placing pillar candles of varying heights underneath your mantle. The varying height candles mimic the natural appearance of burning fire. This arrangement comports just like a gentle fireplace and also it gives a clean and sober look in daylight. 

Candle lights represent rejoice, romance, and relaxation. 

They rightly add a pinch of style and make for a warm and inviting space. The magic lies in the creative corners of your mind which you can use to be more unique with its placement and decoration. Try the above-mentioned ways and give your home soothing vibes with beautiful candles. Buy luxury aromatic candles here