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How You Can Find the Perfect Bookmark for You?

  • 2 min read

Now that we all have Kindles, it can sometimes feel like the humble book is a relic of a bygone era.

But that’s not the case.

We’re sure that many of you reading this have shelves full of books that you’re working your way through. And of course, you will likely have your copy of the Quran kept somewhere special.

Now, you don’t want to ruin those books by folding over page corners or leaving them open just to remember where you left off.

Of course, the humble bookmark is the perfect solution. And at Jubbas, we can help you find the perfect bookmark for your collection.

Make it Have Meaning

Yes, you can use almost any scrap of paper as a bookmark.

And if you’re just looking for a quick and easy solution, that would work for you. But we like our bookmarks to have meaning, which is why we offer a sleek metallic Quran bookmark for our customers.

It showcases the noble symbol of the Quran right at the top, which means it adds a touch of additional class to your copy of the book. Plus, it serves as an ever-present reminder to get reading so that you can learn to recite the verses that mean the most to you.

So sure, you could go for the bog-standard bookmark. But why would you when you could get something that actually has a little weight and meaning behind it?

Have Somewhere to Keep it Secure

You’re going to know exactly where your bookmark is when it’s in use.

Just grab the book you’re reading and open it up. It’s right there waiting for you to pop it back between its next set of pages.

But what about when you’re not using it?

How many of you have finished a book, removed the bookmark, and then completely lost track of where you put it?

It’s annoying, especially if it’s a bookmark that you really like.

That’s why it’s important to have somewhere safe and secure to put your bookmark, especially if you’re investing a little bit of money into it.

Our Quran Mark comes in a little box that we recommend you keep somewhere safe. Whenever the bookmark’s not in use, you can just pop it in the box and know that it’s ready and waiting for you whenever you need it.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One!

There are probably a few avid readers in the house.

You don’t want to find yourself fighting over the same bookmark.

Jubbas can come to the rescue again. While our Quran Mark is perfect for saving your place in the noble book, you might also want some simpler options for your lighter reading.

That’s where our Quran Clip can help you.

A more cost-effective option, it’s ideal for saving your place in other books. And like our Quran Mark, it offers a healthy reminder to maintain your Quran reading schedule.

You can find both of these bookmarks and so much more on the Jubbas store. Just check out our extensive catalogue to find the item that’s right for you.