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Importance of Giving Gifts in Islam

Gift-giving is common practice in Islam. However, its significance increases on the day of Eid-ul-Adha.

It is well-known that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most generous and would often give gifts to his companions.

This practice is a central tenet of Islam advised by the Prophet (S.A.W). Gift-giving is mentioned in the Quran and is regarded as a Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W).  

Let us share the importance of gift-giving in Islam in-depth:

Importance of Gift-Giving in Islam

Shows Your Pure Intentions 

The Prophet Muhammad said one should have a pure state for the best charity. It is the central idea behind giving gifts.

When you give someone a gift, it shows that you have good intentions towards them, and it encourages them to do more good deeds. You can do it without actually giving something physical. Showing your appreciation through words or actions will suffice. 

A gift with no malice and a pure heart helps you build strong relationships with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Shows Gratitude

“Whoever failed to give thanks to anyone who did a favour to him failed to give thanks to God.” - Musnad-i-Ahmad and Tirmizi

Giving gifts is a way to express your gratitude to people around you. Moreover, this practice allows you to earn the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Remember that a gift does not need to be expensive. It only needs to be thoughtful. Even a small gift like a bottle of perfume or greeting card will be appreciated if given with Ihsan (excellence).

Enhances Love

As Al-Bukhari said, “Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love for one another.”

This hadith is considered a core principle of Islam. It is not only about giving gifts to your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues but also about giving gifts to strangers who may be in need. 

There is a common Muslim saying -tahaabu, tahaadu,which translates as giving gifts to spread love to one another. It’s no wonder gifts can help us get closer to each other.

Shows Appreciation

Giving gifts is a way for us to show our loved ones how much we appreciate our dear ones. It displays that we care about their happiness and want them to feel good about themselves. 

In Islam, it is prohibited to give gifts to show off or out of envy towards others if they receive better or more expensive presents than you did.

Act As Catalyst For New Beginnings

Gift-giving can mend relationships and establish new beginnings between people who have been estranged from one another or reconnecting after a long absence. It is an opportunity for healing wounds and strengthening relationships. 

Moreover, it acts as a medium between people to create an atmosphere of love, celebration, and charity. It can help ease the pain of loss, celebrate good times, and create lasting memories. 

Some gifts are shareable, while others are kept for personal use only. However, all gifts share one common purpose: they intend to bring happiness into someone’s life by helping them feel appreciated, loved, and valued. 

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