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Islamic New Year Gifts to Delight Your Family

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Gifting can be hectic, especially when you have no idea of what to get your loved one. However, it is one of the best ways to celebrate the special occasion of the New Year and express love to them. If you want to create cherished moments and are wondering where to start, you are in the right place.

You can find the perfect gift for your loved one atJLifestyle. Each item is thoughtfully crafted which holds a special significance and will bring joy and blessings to everyone. From books to mugs, prayer sets to stationery and toys, check out some thoughtful gifts you might give to your loved ones this season!

Shop Thoughtful Gifts For Your Loving Family at JLifestyle Islamic Store

Gifts for Partners

Here’s a list of New Year Islamic gifts that your loved one will appreciate:

  • Marriage Books

Let your partner grow deep in love by following the best advice and guidance from thesemarriage books available at our store. From Tips to a Successful Marriage and Healthy Muslim Marriage to the Muslim Marriage Guide and Marriage a Complete Solution, we have a variety of books to deepen one’s trust in the godly bond of marriage. 

  • Cute Couple Mugs

One of the best ways to grow in love is by sharing cute and similar items.Cute couple mugs with beautiful expressions will do justice. If you are wondering what to give to your beloved, this could be a perfect token of love.

  • Prayer Sets

His| Her prayer sets also make it to the list of some of the best gifts to give your loved ones. We have them in a variety of colours and they are for sure eye pleasing. Get them online at our store and let the power of prayer help you two grow stronger as a couple.

Gifts for Children

Celebrate the Islamic New Year by sharing mindful gifts with children and embrace the spirit of renewal:

  • Designer Stationery Items

One of the most thoughtful gifts to give your children during the new year isstationery items. From designer pens and pencils to designer backpacks, book stands, point sets and more, we have them all. These will not only bring them joy but will also enhance their creativity and promote learning.

  • Toys & Games

Children never get tired oftoys and games. You might want to add these cute and thoughtful toys to their stash and they will love them. We have a variety in stock such as the salat knowledge game, Arabic cube, Arabic alphabet express, Kaaba Bricks Islamic, Arabic Alphabet Game, and many more.

  • Children Books

As children grow, so should their knowledge. What better way to do this than by giving them books? You canbrowse through our extensive selection of books and see which ones perfectly match the interests of kids you intend to gift for New Year.

Gifts for Elders

Embrace the joy of giving with tailor-picked gifts for elders and show them how important they are in your life:

  • Quran Gift Boxes 

Get your favourite Quran gift box from our wide variety of gift items. Popular ones that your elders might love to have, include the Surah Yaseen Kaabah Box, Kaaba Gift Box, and much more.

  • Bakhoor and Accessories 

Elevate the new year experience for the seniors in your circle by giftingBakhoor and accessories. We have a ton of options that might resonate with their taste. Just pick the accessories or Bakhoor that brings a sense of calm and luxury to the new year.

  • Islamic Books 

You can never go wrong with gifting someone who loves books. Or even those who don’t love them, start introducing them to this world by gifting them some of the finest reads that might interest them. Discover a wealth of options at our website and cherry-pick the best option for your loved ones.


Finding a perfect gift involves brainstorming which can be exhausting at times. But fear not - now you have the gifting guide to get the right gift for your loved ones this season. The good thing is that atJLifestyle, we have almost everything you need under one roof. It's now just a matter of understanding what your people might be wanting this new year and gifting the same. Shop for the best gifts for your Islamic family at JLifestyle and delight your loved ones!

Image Source: Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash