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June’s Islamic Fashion News

  • 2 min read

Eid is upon us and we hope that you’re sharing in your celebration with all of your friends and loved ones. If you’re planning a last-minute party, you can rely on your friends at Jubbas to help you with our range of gifts and decorations.

Of course, we’re also still keen to look at what’s going on in the world of Islamic fashion, even with all of the celebrations going on around us. With that said, here’s our monthly roundup of all of the industry news that you need to hear about.

Indonesia First Islamic Fashion School Highlights the Importance of Education

The continued rise of Islamic fashion has led to many countries adopting it as a key driver in their economy. As demand for such clothes grows, both among Islamic people and those who prefer the modest fashion style to everything else that’s available today, Islamic fashion will become more important in many of the countries in which it originated.

That’s the case in Indonesia, which has a burgeoning modest fashion industry that could always benefit from new talent.

That’s why it’s such good news for the country that it has one of the first schools – The Islamic Fashion Institute - dedicated solely to teaching people how to design modest fashion garments.

The school, which opened three years ago, has grown slowly but has now reached a position of prominence given the success of Islamic fashion in recent years. More importantly, it’s in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, which means it serves as an example for future schools in other countries.

The school offers students an in-depth education in the practicalities of designing and marketing modest fashion. However, it also places a great deal of emphasis on the religious connotations of such clothes.

As founder Deden Siswanto says: “We want our students to make unique designs and become leaders in modest fashion.” But the school also teaches students about wearing clothes according to the rules of Islam and how this should play a large part in the designs that they create.

With such educational facilities available, it’s clear that Indonesia’s modest fashion industry is in good hands.

Actress Carey Mulligan Makes Modest Waves at the Tony Awards

Here at Jubbas, we’re big supporters of the inroads that Islamic and modest fashion have made into the mainstream fashion industry in recent years. That’s why we think it’s very important for key figures in the west to adopt the trend and show their own love for modest fashion.

That’s exactly what noted star of stage and screen Carey Mulligan did during the recent Tony Awards.

The Great Gatsby star showed off her love for modest fashion on the red carpet of the Tony Awards. She wore a stunning floral, full-sleeved dress that had people turning their heads for all of the right reasons.

A subtle approach to accessorising only complemented the look, which combined the modern trend towards modest fashion with a flower-power design aesthetic that clearly comes straight out of the 1960s.

The Eid celebrations are underway, but Jubbas is here to provide amazing Islamic fashion lines all year round. Check out our selection today to find great clothes for every occasion.