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Making Your Perfumes Last Longer – The Key Tips for Getting More From Your Spray

  • 4 min read

You’ve got a big night planned and you’re super excited.

You’ve spent the last hour or so getting ready. You’re showered and you’ve picked out the perfect outfit for the night. All that’s left is to apply a little perfume and you’re on your way.

You arrive at the venue and start enjoying yourself…

But in no time at all, you notice that the fragrance that completed your entire ensemble doesn’t seem to be there anymore. You certainly can’t smell it and you’re not getting any compliments about your amazing choice in perfume.

It’s as though your fragrance has just faded away.

We can guarantee that more than a few of you have been in that situation before. And it’s such a frustrating thing to find that the fragrance you spent so much money on barely seems to last for more than an hour.

You make a mental note not to buy the perfume again…

But what you really need to do is think about how you applied it. For as simple as using perfume seems like it should be, there are actually some tricks that a lot of people don’t know that can make their scent last longer.

These are seven of them.

Tip #1 – Stop Storing it in the Bathroom

The bathroom seems like such an obvious place to store your perfumes. You have a medicine cabinet and plenty of shelf space. And you probably splash a little fragrance on yourself after stepping out of the shower.

Of course, the bathroom is a great place to put your perfumes.

Except that it isn’t because the bathroom has a humid atmosphere. And over time, the water that stays in the air whenever you wash or have a shower will have an effect on your perfume. It will dilute the fragrance and make it less powerful than it used to be.

Ideally, any perfumes you have should be stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry. And if you can keep them in their original boxes, you’re doing even better when it comes to preserving the perfume’s strength.

Tip #2 – Apply After Showering (But Also After Drying)

When you shower, the heat from the water opens up your pores. You can enhance that effect through exfoliation and any number of other cleaning techniques. But the point is that there’s no time when your pores are more open than right after you’ve jumped out of the shower.

This means that right after showering is the best time to apply your fragrance.

Now, a word of warning here. Putting perfume onto wet skin will just result in a lot of the fragrance getting washed away.

The goal here is to dry yourself off first and then apply. That way, you get to take advantage of your open pores without losing any of the fragrance that you spray.

Tip #3 – The Tissue Paper Hack

This isn’t so much of a longevity hack as it is a cool idea for bedding your favourite fragrances into your clothing.

Grab some tissue paper and line your drawers with it. Spray some of your favourite fragrance onto the tissue paper and then pack your clothes away.

You’ll find that the clothes absorb the fragrance from the tissue paper to the point where it gets bedded in. Voila, you have your scent on show before you even spray any of it onto yourself.

Tip #4 – Moisturise Before You Apply

There’s something that we missed out when we told you to apply your perfume after getting out of the shower.

It’s also a good idea to moisturise before you spray.

Perfume lasts its longest when it’s applied to slightly oily skin. That’s because the oils trap the fragrance and allow it to seep into the skin at a slower pace.

Use a moisturiser that doesn’t have a fragrance of its own though. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a clash of scents that could be a little unpleasant.

Tip #5 – Check the Oil Concentration

Sometimes, the type of perfume that you’re buying can have an effect on its longevity. As a simple rule of thumb, the higher the concentration of oil in the fragrance, the longer it will last after application.

At the absolute top of the tree, you have Parfum. This is the stuff that contains the most oil, which means it’s stronger and longer-lasting.

At the bottom of the tree, you have eu fraiche. This is usually a quick and easy type of spray but it’s also the most diluted type of perfume.

Many manufacturers distribute the same fragrance with different concentrations. Make sure you check the oil concentration before making your purchase.

Tip #6 – Know Where to Apply

You need to apply your perfume to your body’s pulse points if you want it to last as long as possible.

Pulse points are warmer and have the strongest blood flow to them. These factors combine to ensure any fragrances sprayed on them last for longer.

There are some obvious ones that you probably already know about, such as your wrists and your neck. However, you also have pulse points on your elbows, ankles, and behind your knees.

Apply in those spots and your scent will last longer.

Tip #7 – No Rubbing

Building on from that last point, you also need to avoid rubbing the fragrance into your skin.

This is such a difficult one to break because rubbing is a habit for most people. You spray some perfume on your wrist and then rub your wrists together to spread it. Or, you spray it into your hands and rub them together before applying.

In all cases, you’re diluting and losing the fragrance before you apply. The best way to apply perfume is to simply spray it directly onto the appropriate area and then allow your skin to absorb it.

The Final Word

So…how many mistakes are you making when you apply your perfume?

A lot of these little hacks are things that people don’t realise about their fragrances. But now that you have these tips by your side, you can feel confident that you’re applying your scent properly.

All that’s left is to get your hands on a fragrance to call your own. To do that, check out our Fragrances page. We have fragrances for both men and women and they’re all of exceptional quality.