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Modest Fashion Tales - What to Expect While Dressing Elegantly

  • 3 min read

Modesty is a deportment that does not suit dressing inappropriately. Elegance, grace, and discouraging the exposure of body parts is the essence of modest fashion. 

The standards of modesty may vary from region to region, but the context would remain the same. Today, these norms of traditional clothing have been relaxed from medieval times, still, you would see some at extreme ends of the line. Some would act prudish... while some go for almost the full exhibition. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the generally accepted criteria for modesty that you can expect while dressing elegantly. 

 So, let’s get started.

Things to Remember While Dressing Elegantly 

Revealing the body is not fashion

If we look at the modesty standards and trends, fashion is not about showing off or revealing your body. The modest fashionistas have encouraged us to recognise  the fact that elegance is not revealing the body, but covering it up gracefully. The modern clothing trend has reminded us that it is better to keep your body a mystery. As a result, you will see women all over the world are now after gowns and abaya dresses, making them popular and in trend!

Layered abayas and gowns are fancy

Gone are the days when revealing tops and slim-fit short dresses were running the fashion industry. Now, fluffy and frilled layered gowns and skirts are talks of the town. When you look at the current trends, you will realize that oversize, and layering is in. On the other hand, overexposing your midriff, low cleavage tops, or mini skirts are all the things of the bygone era.

Hijab makes a modest look complete

A hijab has turned out to be the most stylish modest fashion accessory you will ever have. You just need to add one to your attire to give it a sense of completeness. A hijab suits every type of outfit while giving it an amazingly modest look. The right hijab helps you portray your true personality, enhances your beauty and uplifts your style. So, go and pick a perfect one to flawlessly define your outfit and make a statement.

Palazzos and long straight pants have taken over shorts and tights

No one can deny their obsessiveness towards palazzos and long straight pants, they are all over! Comfort, style, and elegance have caught the attention of women everywhere. Not only Muslim fashionistas but fashionistas all over the world are welcoming this graceful trend. The best thing is that it can go perfectly well with formal as well as casual wear. They are available in bold girly colours to basic formal colours. 

Re-trending of long, flowing skirts and dresses

There was a time when shorts and middies took over the long flowing skirts and dresses. Yet - we cannot deny the fact- ‘old is gold’. Because of modest Muslim fashion, the flowy dresses and long skirts are back in trend again with a bang. Muslim fashion-loving women are simply obsessed with this trend and they are welcoming it with all their heart. 

Following the above trends in modest fashion, present yourself with the right blend of elegance and gracefulness. If you are looking for modest clothing for your upcoming event, shop modest clothing for men and women at affordable prices fromJubbas Islamic Store