Modest Fashion Trends for 2021

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Modest clothing is versatile, comfortable, fashionable, and a go-to outfit for any time. The best thing about modest clothing is that it gives you wide opportunities to experiment and design according to your taste. You can turn any Boring or mundane outfit into stylish one if you know how to present a modest fashion. 

Let's see what 2021 has to offer you! 

Modest Fashion Trends to Rock in the Year 2021

Modest Take on Floral Clothing

    Floral prints are classic. These age-old favourite patterns can never let you down. You can simply revamp the floral style and turn it modern in just a jiffy. 

    Do you want floral patterns to pop out of your outfit? Pair it with a darker background to focus on a floral print. As modest clothing usually consists of basic colours including black, navy, and emerald green, these go in perfect with bright hues of flowers. This chic pattern is also perfect for the chilly season, all you need to do is layer it with a polo neck underneath or carry a leather jacket.

    Modest Take on Puff Sleeves

    If you like girly, youthful, and dainty looks, a puff sleeve is something you should look for. A modest outfit highlighting puffed sleeves can give you a modern, fresh, and innocent vibe.

    Welcome your childhood back with puffed sleeve clothing. You can either carry a puffed sleeve shirt or layer it with a turtleneck top for an innovative and modest look. 

    Modest Take on 'Pop' Colours

    Modest fashion trends 2021 - a pop of colour

    A wild colour palette is a trend in some countries. These look stylish and add a definition to your outfit. 

    You can add a little joy to your everyday outfit by adding a pop of colour to your modest fashion. For example, you can go for a butter-yellow that can grab attention instantly. These laid back colours are versatile enough for any casual or work fashion. Furthermore, it also goes well with other darker outfits. 

    Modest Take on Classic Look

    Black or darker colours are everyone's favourite. If you are not into brighter hues, a darker palette should be your choice in 2021. For days when you can not think of anything to wear, you can go for a modest and timeless black outfit or other darker shades. 

    One outstanding combination that is creating a buzz these days is matching a long pleated skirt with a classic blazer and a simple blouse. The best part is you can easily experiment with this basic setup. 

    Modest Take on Oversized Shirts

    Modest fashion trends 2021 - oversized shirts

    If there's one fashion trend that is making the best out of oversized shirts, it has to be modest fashion. The modest outfits are no longer sticking to ill-fitting clothes but these are becoming more chic by trying out different variants. 

    The easiest modest and fashionable take is on oversized shirts. These loose-fitting shirts not only look chic but are also perfect for any casual or formal meeting. This trend is clean, elegant, smart, and fashionable enough to make you look unique. 

    So, the modest fashion trends in 2021 are easy, breezy, and everything nice. These are perfect for both casual and formal events by making you look different from others.

    We hope this was useful! Stay tuned with us for more such updates!