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Most Popular Perfume Notes for Women

  • 2 min read

The world of fragrance is enthralling and enchanting. With so many upcoming and well-established brands launching their perfume lines, it’s only natural to feel like experimenting and finding a new fragrance that makes you feel refreshed and confident at all times. 

To help you find new fragrances, we have curated this small blog highlighting top perfume notes that appeal to women in general. Read on and understand which notes you might want to explore to make a distinguished statement. 

5 Best Perfume Notes for Women


Extracted from fresh rose petals, this beautiful perfume note offers a sweet and romantic fragrance symbolising love and purity, which makes it perfect to wear around your husband. 

It's also perfect for wearing within the home as its timeless allure and subtle charm create a perfect ambience for togetherness and tranquillity. The perfumes are also alcohol-free, and the smell is pleasant yet seductive.


Do you love the scent of vanilla in yoghurt or ice cream? If yes,  perfumes infused with vanilla notes are the perfect choice for you. 

This note has a sweet and comforting fragrance that evokes feelings of warmth and happiness. It's also ideal if you don't like the thought of strong scents. With its subtle yet captivating scent, you can wear it on special occasions or daily basis. Moreover, it's also an ideal attar perfume as it evokes a sense of femininity and sophistication while still aligning with the Islamic values of grace and humility.


Bergamot fragrance is yet another one-of-a-kind fragrance to go for if you buy perfumes online. It makes a perfect fit, especially if you think of gifting a lady or a woman. Inspired by the Islamic Hadith of good company, wearing the Bergamot perfumes expresses love and bonds. The perfume can also be masked with jasmine note fragrance to add a touch of sweet, romantic vibe—a perfect combo of bergamot as the top note and jasmine as the base.


We are pretty sure you have heard ofOud perfume for women. It's a very popular fragrance used by both men and women. Its smell is more of a rich woody fragrance, usually from agarwood, and it symbolises luxury and spirituality. There are basically two types of oudh fragrances. The black oudh is highly sought after for its deep, resinous fragrance, and the white oudh, which is a lighter version of oudh, is known to impart a gentle woody fragrance, making it perfect for daily wear.


We couldn't conclude our list without adding the most loved and top-rated perfume note in the Islamic culture. Extracted from jasmine flowers, this type of perfume is made with love, evoking a sweet and romantic fragrance. A great alternative foroud perfume for women, they are alcohol-free and don't evaporate quickly, leaving you with a fresh, subtle lingering scent perfect for any occasion.

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Image Source - Photo by Camille Paralisan on Unsplash