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Must-Know Travel Tips for Muslim Women

  • 3 min read

Traveling is always a soul-satisfying activity. Wandering around in a beautiful place, exploring new culinary marvels, admiring the attractions and striking up conversations with locals can be a mentally stimulating experience. However, as a Muslim woman, it is crucial for you to consider extra steps to make travel smoother and more enjoyable. 

There are a variety of travel tips and hacks that apply to all travelers and women, but there are also specific strategies tailored to help Muslim women ensure an easy and fun-filled journey. From the initial packing process to the actual adventure, these travel hacks for Muslimahs can help make the experience much more convenient and memorable. 

Take advantage of the below-mentioned tips and hacks so you can have a successful, comfortable, and rewarding travel experience. 

Travel Tips and Hacks for Muslim Women

Wear a Modest Layer Under Your Coat at the Airport

While traveling through an airport, you should wear amodest dress that you won't mind when asked to take off your coat or jacket at the security check. 

Airports that cater to Muslim passengers will not ask women to take off their hijab or turban, but all passengers must remove their outerwear to be screened by the security scanner. It is vital to wear an outfit underneath that you feel comfortable with while walking through the security check.

Pack Scarves Wisely 

Compressing clothes is a brilliant option for fitting more of your belongings in your suitcase. 

As you need to carry so manyscarves thus, a travel scarf case is the ideal choice to keep your scarves andaccessories together. These cases can fit four to five scarves and are easy to unpack when you reach your destination. If you don't have a dedicated scarf case, any packing cube will also work. If you are short on space, you can roll each scarf individually and place them in the gaps between your clothes once everything is packed. It is an effective way to fill extra, small spaces in your suitcase.

 Apocket prayer mat can also save you a lot of space.

Plan Your Outfits Beforehand

Traveling as a hijabi woman can often require packing more items than others.Long dresses, extra layers, scarves, and at least three to five-piecemodest swimwear sets can take up a lot of space. Thus it is essential to plan and pack strategically to not be weighed down by the extra items necessary for modesty. 

Depending on the destination, the type of clothing and colors necessary to blend in may vary dramatically. 

To save space, opt forclothing with plain colors that can be easily paired with other items, and avoid prints that clash. Furthermore, plan outfits where you can wear the same scarf or underlayers for multiple days, thus avoiding the need for multiple clothes. 

Wear a Hoodie

As a hijabi, you always want to be modest and comfortable when flying. To achieve this, opt for comfortable clothing that is long enough to cover you and your hair. 

Acozy hoodie is the best for traveling, and you can alsostyle your hoodie fashionably to create those stunning airport looks. This is a must if you are traveling to a place where the weather is somewhat unpredictable. 

Fly at Night

If you prefer not to wear a hoodie while traveling on a long-haul flight, you may consider taking a night flight instead. When it's dark, the cabin lights are dimmed, allowing you to loosen yourhijab and let your hair breathe more. If you're flying during the day, opt for a turban that is easy to put on, or simply leave your hair underneath the hijab loose. 

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Feature Image - Photo by Ifrah Akhter on Unsplash