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Nurture Faith in Your Child's Heart with Islamic Books for Kids

As per the holy writings of the Islamic religion, it is the parent’s responsibility to protect their child, fulfil their basic needs, and nurture their religious life. This can be done using various ways, as well as becoming good examples for them to follow. 

As parents, it is wise for you to introduce your kids to the world of Islamic literature, and then this can be supported by buying them some nice Islamic story books. Islamic books for kids can help the little ones understand and appreciate the Islamic faith and culture. Some books tell stories of heroic and brave actions of Muslims, while others explain Islamic tradition through folktales. Moreover, some of the content is targeted to teach important concepts of Islam in a simple manner.  

If you are looking to shop for Muslim children’s books, we have got you covered. We have curated Jubbas’ best-selling Islamic children’s books, take a look!

Most Popular Islamic Books for Kids at Jubbas

The ABC of Allah Loves Me

The ABC of Allah Loves Me - with this amazing little book, you can make your young child learn about Allah as easily as ABC. The kind and beautiful attributes of Allah are explained using simple rhymes with each letter in the alphabet. These loving words are threaded together in the rhymes so that they will touch the innocent heart of your child. 

My Touch and Feel Alif Baa Taa

My Touch and Feel Alif Baa Taa is a wonderful book to introduce your child to the Arabic alphabet. It is a very fun way for your child to learn Alif-Baa-Taa. It helps them remember the Arabic alphabet easily. Every letter in this English language book is illustrated with cute pictures of the everyday Islamic world. 

Also, it is made up of thick cards which makes it durable enough to withstand tugs and tears of baby hands. 

23 Duas for Kids by Zanib Mian

Young kids often do not have any idea of what Dua to make when asked for. Some children often memorise and ask for Duas from the Quran and Sunnah, without being fully aware of the meaning or power of what they are asking for. 

In23 Duas for Kids by Zanib Mian, Duas from the Quran and Sunnah are explained in a simple and child-friendly way. Reading this book, your kids can understand and remember the dua easily. 

Bedtime Quran Stories

Bedtime Quran Stories is a collection of 20 plus Quran stories to read, appreciate, and cherish. It is a beautiful and colourful book to introduce the young one with stories, prayers, and teachings of the Quran. This bedtime storybook is a perfect gift for a young Muslim child.

365 Days With The Quran

365 Days With The Quran is a delightful collection of 365 great Quran stories. It depicts the incredibly inspiring stories and facts that are mentioned in the Quran. This makes a valuable gift for your little one! 

Migo & Ali Love for the Prophets

In this delightful hardback book, stories of prophets are illustrated in a highly spirited way, from Adam to Muhammad. 

Stories in Migo & Ali Love for the Prophets are depicted concisely in an engaging way. The language is easy to understand and child-friendly. It is illustrated as a delightful conversation between the two lovable characters. Ali asks Migo the questions that are pretty much in the mind of your child. 

Bonus - the book also contains an interesting question and answer session at the end of each story! 

These and many other books for children are made available at Jubbas. Browse the selection today and shop for inspiring Islamic books for your kids atJubbas Store.