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Picking the Perfect Greetings Card – Three Tips

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There’s a big occasion coming up and you know you need to grab a greetings or birthday card.

So, you head to the store and you see it. Row upon row of cards that seem to stretch as far as the eye can see.

How are you supposed to choose a card when there’s so many available to you?

That’s where these three tips for picking the perfect card will help.

Tip #1 – Take Your Time

There’s no rush when it comes to picking a card. And you don’t want to be one of those people who picks up the first thing that they see.

Spend some time exploring the selection while thinking about the person who you’re buying for. Consider their interests and any motifs that they enjoy. Usually, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a card that carries a design that the recipient will like.

That’s crucial. After all, the card will go up on display somewhere in the recipient’s house for a while. You don’t want to choose something so uninspired that it ends up hidden away at the back.

However, you have to think about more than what the card looks like…

Tip #2 – Make Sure the Message Fits

Almost every card has a little message inside it.

Some are more creative than others. You might end up with a multi-page poem or just a simple congratulatory message.

The key here is to let the card talk for you as much as possible. You want it to convey the sentiment that you aim to deliver to the recipient.

But there’s another thing to keep in mind.

The recipient’s personality plays a key role here. If the card’s going to a bit of a no-nonsense person, they’re likely not going to read a huge poem. They’ll just drift over it, thank you for the card, and move on. For them, the design definitely plays a bigger role than the message inside.

You may want to go for a jokey card if the person has a sense of humour. In fact, matching the card with their sense of humour will likely score you some big points with the recipient, which means your card ends up getting centre stage.

For the more sentimental, you can look for something that’s a bit more emotional and expressive.

Tip #3 – Always Consider the Size

Greetings cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

That’s important to consider when you’re buying. For example, let’s say you’re buying a card for a casual acquaintance. It’s going to look a little weird if you give them some huge card that requires a special cardboard envelope.

Let’s just say it’s a little bit too much.

On the flipside, you may not want to get a tiny card for your mother’s birthday. However, that may vary depending on the message inside the card. If it delivers something impactful, size doesn’t matter so much.

Of course, you could make things a lot easier on yourself. The Jubbas team has created a collection of greetings cards that you can find on our store today.

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