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Reasons You Should Use More Argan Oil

  • 2 min read

Sometimes referred to as ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is a product that is extracted from the tree that bears the same name and has become a popular cosmetic in recent years due to its enriching contents. Loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids, this Moroccan oil has an array of benefits to offer.

Moisturising Skin

Argan oil is most commonly used as a moisturiser, with its high vitamin E and fatty acid content being ideal for rehydrating skin and bringing its natural lustre back. The oil is also non-greasy and very easily absorbed by the skin, which means you won’t suffer from any irritation. All you need to do is pop a few drops onto the affected area and rub them in. The oil will do the rest for you.

Hair Styling

The oil has also found used in hair styling products in recent years due to its ability to tame frizzy hair and offer it a sleek and shiny look. If you wish to use it at home it is best to blow-dry your hair and then apply a few drops of the oil to your hands. Comb your fingers through your hair with Argan oil applied and you should find it becomes much more manageable and achieves a gorgeous shine.

Hair Conditioning

You can also use the oil to condition your hair, though it usually needs to be included as an ingredient in another product for it to be at its most effective. Again, it will help you tame frizzy hair and can even help with split ends. Look for it as an ingredient on any bottles of conditioner you buy and you should be able to reap the benefits.


Not only is Argan oil great for keeping your skin moisturised, it also has an anti-oxidant effect that can reduce the signs of ageing. It reduces the visibility of any wrinkles and offers your skin a healthy glow that radiates to others. You should notice that your skin regains some of its elasticity and you will feel more confident by just applying a few drops to the face and neck every night.

Dealing With Acne

Unlike many skin products, which can actually irritate conditions like acne, Argan oil can soothe the condition thanks to its non-greasy nature. It will help to balance your skin by providing the moisture it needs, which should help with the itchiness that is commonly associated with skin conditions like acne, in addition to helping your skin overcome the affliction and clear up.


Having a child is one of the most joyful experiences in the world, but many women find it difficult to deal with the ‘stretch marks’ that are often left on their bodies following the birth. Argan oil’s high vitamin E content means it is able to restore elasticity in the skin, which leads to stretch marks being less defined. Ideally you should apply it regularly to any areas that you believe may be affected by the pregnancy to see the best results.

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