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Redesign Your Space - Best Islamic Home Decor Tips

  • 2 min read

Islam has its way of life and its own set of rules. Their unique beliefs reflect in the way they conduct their life. That’s why Islamic homes look different from the homes of other religions; as they express their Muslim identities.

There are some rules which a designer has to keep in mind while decorating an Islamic family’s home. By following Islamic home decor rules and tips, you ensure that the space you create feels culturally rich, calm, and happy. 

Here are the best Islamic home decor tips you must follow to enhance the beauty of your Muslim living space.  

Best Islamic Home Decor Tips 

Don't Use Images Of Living Creatures

A must-follow rule while decorating an Islamic home is that your design plan must not contain images or figures of any living creature. It means no human or animal figures or designs in furniture, paintings, statues, accessories, or fabrics. Instead, try to decorate using abstract art, Islamic calligraphy, sceneries, and flowers. 

Prioritize Privacy

Privacy plays a vital part in Muslim people’s life, and it matters while decorating the home as well. To enhance privacy, do not use windows from which light can penetrate inside, or someone can see through them. 

Place thick curtains behind the doors so that, if the door remains open, the curtains can block the inside view. It is best if you use a green shade and patterns of Islamic geometry as it will give traditional vibes. 

Keep a Designated Prayer Area

Islamic lifestyle has the utmost importance of five daily prayers. 

Therefore, having a designated calm and peaceful area for prayer is crucial. While designing a Muslim home, keep in mind to allocate a quiet corner for reading prayers, away from household traffic and distraction. You can also create a space centred around decorative shelves on the wall for storingprayer mats, scarves, or prayer garments.

Keep Things Simple

Showing off wealth (in any form) is one of the most forbidden things in Islamic homes. It is vital to keep the furniture and other decorative items as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean that the house should look bland though! Instead, it should be decorated with love and should not scream extravagance and wealth. The home decor must give you the confidence that you are the best, but not arrogance to show everyone that you are the best. 

Showcase Your Heritage 

Using cultural items that showcase Islamic heritage is a great way to decorate an Islamic home. Incorporate home decor such as a Moroccan pouf, Turkish pottery,lanterns, and Arabic teacups. However, remember to use these as decorative objects, without harming the Islamic values. 

Your home should reflect your personality, beliefs, and your love for your Islamic religion! Use these tips and take the decoration of your home to the next level without compromising Islamic values. 

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Image Source - House photo created by mrsiraphol - Freepik