Significance Of Sending Greetings Cards

Imagine yourself opening up your letterbox on a busy day, and although it's overloaded with bills and brown envelopes, you see a bright greetings card with a beautiful message in it from your loved one.

Doesn’t it instantly brighten up your day, making you feel cared for and loved? 

Nothing can ever replace the warm feeling of such a thoughtful gesture. Sure, everything is digital now. However, an e-greetings card can never evoke as strong of an emotional response as a physical greetings card. It shows that someone put time and effort to send you a special message. 

Greetings cards can express all the human emotions eloquently - be it joy, empathy, love, humour, or appreciation. In this blog, let’s dive deeper into understanding the magical significance of greetings cards. 

Why Are Greeting Cards So Special?

They Share Our First Real Thought 

When you write a message with a pen in a card, your personality shines through. 

Writing in a digital medium, you can press backspace, delete a message, rewrite it, delete it again, and rewrite multiple times. However, when you write something on a card, you are committed to your thoughts. You do not have an option to delete it, to change it. Your genuine personality is reflected in the message, creating a real connection.

It Makes People Feel Special

Buying a greetings card, writing a message into it, stamping it, and sending it - all these actions show that you were genuinely thinking about the receiver. 

When you buy a greetings card, you give a thought to what design they would like, and what message would cheer them up. Such a kind gesture can strengthen your connection with your beloved one. 

Your efforts beyond sending messages over digital channels show the other person how special they are to you. 

It Becomes A Physical Treasure Of Words

The best reason for sending a greetings card to someone is that they get something to keep forever. 

Yes, you can save a digital message, but how many times do you want to go through it after stacking hundreds of new messages on top? Even special messages get deleted accidentally sometimes. With physical greeting cards, your loved ones can cherish the memories whenever they want by keeping them safely in a treasured place, such as a memory box. 

It Keeps The Tradition Alive

For over 200 years we have seen the exchange of greetings cards between our close, ones to celebrate a special occasion or declare our love. It evokes the feeling of care and frienship among families and acquaintances. Moreover, in these busy day of digital communication, you can evoke a nostalgia-hit every time the tradition repeats.

Don’t you want your children to experience that wonderful feeling of care and love? Of course, everyone does! By keeping such a beautiful tradition alive, we can provide them with a healthy environment to grow. It will be a family custom that you can pass down to generations.

The gesture of sending a greetings card to a loved one can instantly put a big smile on their face!

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Feature Image Source:Pixabay