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Smart Tips to Dress Modestly with Confidence

  • 3 min read

Modest dressing was one of the hallmarks of a Muslim woman. Now, this is not the case, as more women outside of the religion are adopting modest fashion. Some women prefer modest dresses as a religious obligation, others as a choice - everyone has their reasons for dressing modestly. 

Modesty is taking over the fashion industry. Gone are the times when modest wear was boring; styled right, even modest wear gives a fabulous look.  

Whether you're a part of the 'modest movement' or curious about the phenomenon, this article will be an eye-opener and inspiration to you - especially if your wardrobe is tired and old. 

We are sure you will feel confident when you transform your style, choose modest dresses, and accessorize appropriately. 

Tips to dress modestly with confidence 

Maxi dress

Florals to solids, striped to abstract, maxi dresses come in various patterns and colors. Thus, they are perfect for fashionable modest looks. They cover your skin well and help in pulling off your modest wear!

Long sleeves, boat neck, flat ankle boots- show your confidence by combining fashion with modesty. The dress makes a perfect option  for nighttime functions as well. 

Keep natural makeup andminimal accessories with dark tone maxis. 

Slip skirts

No doubt maxi dresses and midis are a big part of a modest wardrobe. However, if you gravitate more towards slip skirts, various options are open for you. Slip skirts are the most versatile clothing. We all want to use clothing for multiple occasions and styling, and skirts are the best multipurpose wear. You can wear them during the day or at night. Pair these fashionable skirts with t-shirts, tops, shirts, or sweatshirts and become the center of the room. 

Walk with confidence in an all-styled-up look, pairing your ankle-length skirt with strappy sandals, a sleek handbag, and a beautiful modest top. 

Tights with knee-length boots

Want to wear ankle-length skirts but in a modest way? 

Why un-wishlist the skirt you have the heart on? Pair it up with tights and knee-length boots. It gives a new cool look to your modest outfit. 

Tights and boots both are timeless pieces for all year round. You will not go out of style with them. 

Bon ton collars

Spice up your modest plain outfit with bon ton collars. You can add it to a top, sweater, or maxi dress. It is an amazing way to look elegant. Choose a bon ton collar with pearl, rhinestone, or diamond embellishments to make your dress party-ready.   

Pick a complete white outfit and wear a silver or golden embellished collar with it. Or go all black and wear a darker nuance collar with stones on it. 

Long trench coats and tailored blazers

Quickly elevate your everyday look with a nicely fitted blazer and a long trench coat. 

It not only keeps you warm in cold weather but also raises your fashion effortlessly. It allows you to get a chic look... with modesty. 

Loose-fitting ankle length trousers

It is the fashion boom in the modest fashion industry. The long and loose-fitting legs make it modest and comfortable, while the trendy look makes it chic. Pair with gorgeous heels for an extra pop. 

Reserve your look with our tips and walk confidently in your modest clothing. 

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