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The Benefits of Using Air Fresheners in the Home

  • 2 min read

Here at Jubbas we not only sell a wide range of Islamic clothing but also offer many products that are designed to improve your life and home. We have already examined some of the many benefits of the honeys, vinegars, and argan oils here at Jubbas, but many of you may not know that we also sell a range of air fresheners as well.

Most don’t really think of air fresheners as being something that can offer them many benefits but that isn’t the case. To prove the point, we have listed a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when you buy an air freshener from your friends at Jubbas.


A canned air freshener can be used to supply a quick touch of freshness to any room in the house. You don’t need to plug them in or keep them to one space in the property. Instead, grab the can, take it to the source of the odour, and spray. You will find that the smell becomes much more attractive, thus making the room more suitable for guests and more pleasant to be in.

Natural Fragrances

There is a lot to be said for bringing the gorgeous fragrances of nature into your own home. Not only do they offer a transformative effect that lets you enjoy aromas that you would otherwise only encounter when you are out and about, but many air fresheners are made using essential oils and other natural ingredients, meaning you get to benefit from all of those with only a single spray of the can.

Eliminating Odours

The best types of air fresheners do much more than masking unpleasant smells or a couple of hours before fading away and allowing the odour to return. The best are capable of eliminating the odour altogether, meaning a few sprays will lead to a more neutral smelling room that is still much more pleasant than walking into a room with a foul odour.


Happily, you don’t only have to pick out of one or two fragrances when choosing an air freshener. There are so many different options out there that you will always be able to find one that suits your particular tastes. At Jubbas alone we offer over ten different varieties, meaning air fresheners can be used to provide your home with the fragrances you enjoy, rather than being used to mask odours with fragrances that don’t really improve the situation as much as you would like.

Airborne Pathogens

In some instances, air fresheners can serve a medicinal purpose too. At various points, airborne pathogens will arise in your home that could cause an array of illnesses. Air fresheners made using natural extracts, particularly those with essential oils in the ingredients list, are often capable of eliminating these pathogens or, at the very least, reducing the effects they can have on the people living in the house.

Positive Moods

Walking into a home that emits a nice, fresh aroma is an instant mood lifter. An air freshener revitalizes your rooms, which serves to revitalize all of those who set foot in the room. If you are having a bad day, a quick spray of an air freshener will often help to improve your mood.