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The Best Features of a Traditional Thobe for Men

  • 3 min read

When talking about the traditional attire of a Muslim man, the thobe is the first thing that comes to our minds. 

This robe-like plain dress is known with nameskandura, khameezanddishdashaand is widely worn by Gulf Arabic men to look calm and comfortable. But how do you buy an ideal thobe? Let’s guide you here. 

What are the features of an ideal traditional thobe?

You may call thobe by different names, but they all resemble a long gown with full sleeves. It is a modest yet fashionable outfit, generally paired with loose trousers called “sirwal.”

There are various types of thobes available. Let us see the most considered features when youbuy thobe for men


You can find thobes in numerous fabric types - the most common are Cotton, Poplin, Chambray, Rayon, and Denim.

A fabric created with a blend of around 80% polyester and 20% cotton is ideal for a thobe. The reason for this combination to be excellent for a thobe is, it is light and allows the perfect exchange of heat and air. Moreover, it does not crease easily; even when creased can be ironed without much effort. 

Thickness of Fabric

As it is not permitted in Islam to wear attire with see-through fabric. To maintain the charm of this modest outfit, an ideal thobe is not at all see-through and still comfortable to wear. 

Thobe Length 

An ideal traditional thobe length is up to the ankles. You should measure from the shoulders to the ankles to find a thobe with the perfect length. 

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Tip: If a thobe is shorter or longer than this suggested length, it is not the best pick for you. 

Style and Pattern

You can look stylish while maintaining the grace of the Islamic culture. 

Modesty is important while wearing a thobe. Keeping that in mind, some thobe designs make you look both stylish and close to your culture. There is a range of stylish thobes that are designed to wear for parties, formal events, workwear, hajj, and prayer. You can choose a style that is best suitable for you; you can choose one withembroidery, embellished with stones, sequins,hooded thobes, or any other style of your preference. 

Tip: Current trend is choosing Saudi embroidery-decorated thobe with front open buttons, stitched to the collar. 


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There is a chest pocket, side pocket (on either side) and an internal pocket in an ideal thobe. These pockets allow you to easily carry your beloved gadget, wallet, and other compact belongings as per your convenience. These pockets are added benefits to your attire. 

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Various thobe designs are available in the market. Some designs consist of embroidery work, while other feature stonework and delicate sequins. 

You can shop for any design that captures your attention, but do not buy one that has use of gold decoration, as the Muslim men are not allowed to wear gold. 

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