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The Slow Increase of Modest Fashion in High Street Stores

  • 3 min read

As you all know, Jubbas has been a proponent of Islamic, or “Modest” fashion for many years. Our clothing lines take Islamic fashion concepts and offer interesting spins on them, which is something that you may have increasingly seen in high street stores in recent months.

Just take a look through the racks at your average high street store. We’re willing to bet that you see more than a few items that have higher necks than you may be used to, or longer sleeves.

Islamic fashion has been the spark for this slow change in fashion. The new “modest” movement focuses on concealment of the body’s shape, rather than showing it off. There is, naturally, a huge audience for this type of fashion, as many women prefer to dress modestly for cultural, religious or personal reasons.

However, until recently, many mainstream brands have failed to keep pace with the growing demand for modest fashion. What we’re seeing today is essentially the high street stores playing catch up to stores like Jubbas.

Other Influences

Still, that isn’t all there is to it. While we believe that Islamic fashion has had a massive influence on this recent change, there’s also the fact that the fashion world tends to react to itself.

Not too long ago, fashion seemed to focus on shock value as much as the clothing itself. Just look at fashion icons like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Both have been seen in extremely revealing outfits, which have been in vogue for a while.

As we said, fashion tends to react to itself, and the latest trends suggest a reaction to what went before, as much as inspiration from Islamic fashion. In our view, both have combined to create the trends that we’re starting to see today. You can see this crossover in the massive increase in Muslim designers who have been able to showcase their wares at mainstream fashion shows. We’ve reported on a few in the past, and we think that there will be more as time goes one.

Changing Consumer Demands

We’ve also alluded to the fact that consumer demands have changed in recent years. Islamic women have always focused primarily on modest fashion, and specialist stores like Jubbas have been proud to provide.

However, the high streets are reacting to recent cultural changes, as well as new trends in the fashion industry. Many women simply don’t want to buy clothes that show off more of their flesh than they would want to. Take Nigella Lawson’s recent holiday pictures, in which see is seen in a “Birkini”.

The fact is that women know what they want and they’re starting to make their voices heard. Social media has been a powerful tool for this, and high street stores have been taking notice.

The Final Word

So what can we expect in the coming years? We believe that modest fashion will become bigger than ever. The demand that is already there will remain steady, but more people will be drawn to modest clothes as they have an increasingly strong spotlight shone on them. Of course, your friends at Jubbas will continue our own work in this area of the fashion industry, so please take some time to check out our latest clothing lines.