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Tips to Buy Your Next Abaya

  • 3 min read

Flaired, simple, or detailed, plain black or coloured, tie-waist belt or embroidered - there's no perfect abaya except for the one that flaunts your beauty. 

Islamic clothing has taken a revolutionary leap in the fashion industry, with abayas reflecting the deeply rooted Islamic culture. Fashion designers have evolved this traditional dress type to different styles, colours, and adornments. The experiments laid out were adaptive to different tastes, cultures, and fashion trends, and were well-received by the modern-gen of abaya wearers. 

The variety in abaya designs has made selecting the best one a difficult affair. However, if you know tips to buy abayas online, you can rest assured to find something that effortlessly blends modesty and style.  
Here’s what you should consider before searching for your next abaya.

Tips to buy the perfect abaya 

Know your body type 

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Instead of picking up abayas based on their appearance, first, try to filter your search for body-type. 

Pear, Apple, Hourglass, and Rectangle are common body shapes that you can compare with and select yours.

Abayas portray modesty, and you should be mindful of selecting the right abaya to create the right impression. Ill-fitted or somewhat tight abayas will not resonate well with your elegant personality. So don’t rush and find an abaya that is apt for your body type and gives a boost to your confidence. 

Select the fabric that drapes well

A classic abaya is one that looks good and drapes well. 

Select the fabric that is lightweight and comfortable against your skin. When youbuy an abaya online, check if the material is breathable and ideal to wear for long hours. 

An abaya with buttons and zipper would go perfect in winters while the rainy season can experience thicker and an inch shorter dresses. Cotton abayas will go well in summers and for everyday wears. 

Match your abaya with your skin tone

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The elegance of an abaya is reflected in how well it complies with your skin tone. 

Pale-skinned beauties can bid for brighter colours, while pastel and off-white shades look stunning on women with a dark skin tone. Also, a black abaya is a go-to to look confident and goes well for all skin tones. 

Most of the online shopping platforms offer an easy colour guide to help you select the perfect abaya that suits your complexion. 

Pick a style that fascinates you

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Shop for abayas that reflect a sense of charm, luxury, and femininity.

The fashion industry has embedded an immense variety in this traditional dress. From rustic vibes to contemporary & minimalist ones; there is a huge variety of abayas that you can find online. 

You can pick your favourite one from Front Open Abayas, Umbrella Abayas, Anarkali Abayas, Hooded Abayas, Coat Abayas, Short Abayas, Moroccan Abayas, Flared Abayas, and Batwing Abayas. 

Just listen to the fashionista in you and buy from an exclusive collection of finely-tailored, ready-to-wear abayas. If a special occasion like Eid or wedding is round the corner, buy abayas that are intricately embellished and can make you feel special. 

Buy abayas online from Jubbas - a happy shopping place to discover a stunning range of designer Islamic clothing. With us, it’s easy to find the right abaya and look beautiful yet stylish.

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