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Top 5 Modest Clothing Mistakes to Avoid

  • 3 min read

Abayas are one of the most beautiful modest clothing items - they look elegant, come in a variety of styles and make modern Muslimahs feel confident as they step out to conquer the world. These make an ideal choice to look graceful without any added effort. 

Now, there is no right or wrong in wearing abayas. Fashionistas can pick designer options, while lovers of sophistication can stick with the basics. However, there are some mistakes that can kill your modest fashion vibe. From having the wrong size and length to failing to choose the suitable material for the abaya, all often round up to weirdly styled and ill-fitting abayas.

To save you from making modest fashion mistakes, we’ve given you some tips - read on to flaunt your abayas the right way. 

5 Modest Clothing Mistakes to Avoid

Wearing Poorly Fitted Abayas

When you wear attire that is not your exact size, it's easily noticeable. Abayas are modest clothing and should not be very tight on your body when you wear them. Similarly, they should not be too long such that it hangs off your body.

Ensure that the dress you select perfectly fits your body and still looks flattering. Also, determine the sleeve and hem length since when too long or short, the whole look won't stand out.

 Having Several Layers

Wearing modest clothes does not mean randomly throwing pieces together as you wish. You need not use your cardigans, shawls and other layering options in one go. 

Wearing several layers might look great, but only when you uniquely style them. If you choose to have layers as your style for the day, one or two should be enough. You do not want your clothes to look bulky with random hanging fabrics. Also, make sure that the colours blend well for a cleaner look.

Adding Too Many Accessories

Another thing that spoils your modest look is over-accessorising it. 

If you choose to wear a head chain, that's enough - no need to put on chunky earrings and necklaces. Similarly, if your abaya has voluminous sleeves, do not plan to carry large-sized bags to make your look a little too much. Create a seamless style by choosing beautiful modest accessories and wearing them without creating a clumsy appearance. 

Wrong Material for the Wrong Season

Most women will wear any abaya without putting much concern on the season, which ruins the feel and look of it.

You have to understand that different materials work better with certain seasons. If it’s summer, select abayas made from linen, silk and cotton. During the winter season, when you want to keep warm, wool and bisht abayas will do you well without needing to add extra layering.

Compromising on the Details

Craftwork, embroideries and ornaments add an extra touch to abayas. To maintain the modest look and still look stylish with your abaya, be sure to check the work done on it.

An abaya with intricate but fine details creates a significant difference. As you aim to achieve a modest look, it's still okay to add extra glam but ensure it, in the end, it must look clean and not 'shouting'!

Abayas always come through when you need modest clothing for an occasion, but your look does not have to be boring. An abaya simply needs to look good on you, and the best way to achieve this is to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. 

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