June 24, 2020 3 min read

The very thought of applying oil on your face may give you hibbie-jibbies. After all, oils are the biggest culprits of breakouts. But, do you know that ancient Egyptians possessed a skin to die for? Interestingly, their secret ingredient was none other than oil. They used various oils to maintain a radiant look and flaunt a younger-looking skin. Back in those days, Moringa oil was considered to keep skin vibrant and healthy. And so,facial oil benefitstravel a long way back. 

After decades, people have again started using oils to bless their skin with a gorgeous glow. Let's see why you should befriend facial oils - 

Facial Oils Can Help You Fight the Signs of Ageing

We all know what harm ultraviolet rays can do to our skin. The never-ending radical damage caused by UV rays leads you to premature ageing, wrinkles, and sunspots. Undoubtedly, sunscreen can protect your skin from the damage but facial oils can provide you with essential nutrients and antioxidants that protect your skin from inside. 

If you are prone to sun damage and ageing, facial oils including primrose oil with vitamin E base of Argan oil can show miraculous results on your skin.

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  • Dry Skin? Say No More!

Heaters and air conditioning can begin to show roughness and dryness on your skin. However, facial oils can save you from this issue. These can turn your skin moisturized and glowing, that too with a small pea-sized amount. You can give coconut oil or almond oil a try to revive your flawless skin.

  • Natural Skin Protectant

Oils are made up of lipophilic materials that tend to penetrate deep into your skin and trap water to keep your skin supple. To tell you the fact, a few oils can even add up to your natural skin barrier thereby safeguarding your skin from the harmful attacks. This works like a boon for people living in big cities who are always prone to harmful pollutants and smog.

  • Your Perfect Makeup Primer

Are you looking for an excellent makeup primer? Well, next time you can find them easily at the facial oil counter.

Oils including mandarin or pumpkin seed oil penetrate deep into your skin and settle in the areas that need the most hydration. Consequently, you get an instant plump and impeccable makeup canvas to create a stunning look.

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Ideal Cure to Treat Enlarged Pores

Large pores on the face can be a huge turn-off. Even the best of cosmetic solutions cannot relieve you from the issue. However, facial oils includingmacadamia, jojoba, and camellia take out the hidden dirt or grime making your pores look smaller. 

Although, beware of what you put on your face. Any regular oil available at a local store can do you more harm than good. Make sure tobuy facial oil online from a certified source to protect your skin. 

Soothing Effect on Rashes

Oils are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help in quelling irritated skin or rashes. Geranium oil is known to show promising effects on redness and rashes. Apart from this, you can try Argan oil or Yangu oil for getting rid of the irritation.

Skincare is an investment that shows up on your skin the moment you begin to follow a routine. Are you looking for a skincare regime? 

At Jubbas, our skincare collection can leave you spellbound and turn your skin radiant and healthy. Discover our exclusive collection here and kickstart your skincare journey.

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