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Trendy Nail Polish Colours to Stock Today!

  • 3 min read

Trends are fleeting, but this fact never bothers fashion-savvy women. From apparel and accessories to footwear and designer bags, most fashionistas stock everythinglatestas per the current styling trends and forecasts. 

Now, if you too love to shop all things pretty & trendy, we’ve got a vibrant treat for you. This blog is a roundup of the top 5 nail polish colours that are currently trending - do check and plan your next purchase!

5 Not-to-Miss Nail Polish Colours for Your Collection

Plumberry Nail Lacquer

Plumberry (purple) nail polish can be used as an accent or base colour, depending on your preference and the look you want to create. It is crucial to choose the right shade of purple when buying nail polish. 

If you are going for an elegant, sophisticated look, go with a light shade of purples like lavender or lilac. If you want something bolder, go with deep violet or even burgundy! Purple with a hint of gold is also a great way to add some pizzazz to your nails.

Seashell Nail Polish

The seashell is a perfect choice when you are in the mood for subtle colour. It is one of the most popular trends in nail polish colours. The stark white with just a hint of pink creates a visually pleasing and feminine contrast. 

This colour is ideal for every occasion. The shade is flattering on all skin tones and works well with other colours in your collection. However, it’s best when you want to dress up your nails without going overboard with accessories.

Ruman Red Nail Colour

If you want to wear red nails but are not sure which shade to choose, try out a trendy pomegranate-inspired red hue. This warm, red tone will make you feel instantly empowered and ready for anything.

The Ruman colour looks great on everyone, especially on olive skin tones. This shade can make your nails look brighter and more vibrant. It is one of the hottest colours for fall. Spice up your manicure with the Ruman Red this season.

Dahlia Nail Lacquer

Purple is one of the most trendy colours in fashion today. It has many different shades and tones that can help you create various looks, from classic to trendy. 

Dahlia is a gorgeous purple hue that has been making waves for a while now. It is not just for proms or weddings anymore — this colour can be worn every day, from work to a night out. The best part about this orchid-purple shade? It goes well with everything!

Butternut Nail Lacquer

Butternut is a beige-brown colour that feels smooth and buttery. Its creamy texture adds some interest to your nails, while the slight tint of yellow makes it look more refined than other shades.

Butternut nails are perfect for those who love a more natural look but want their nails to look polished. The shade of this polish is neutral enough that one can wear it every day. 

This shade also works well with various skin tones because it is not too bold or too light.

Wear butternut nails in summer and fall as they're not too bright or dark. They're also easy to maintain, requiring little work beyond regular polish removal and reapplication. 

If you're interested intrying out these shades for yourself, pick them up at theJubbas store today!

Feature Image Source - Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash