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Try Our Vegan Fruit Jellies Bottle Today

  • 2 min read

At Jubbas, we aim to be as inclusive as possible with all of our products. We recognise that many people have certain dietary preferences that may prevent them from eating certain things.

Chief among those people are vegans and vegetarians. Having taken the admirable stance of refusing to eat any foods that contain animal products, vegans and vegetarians do set themselves the challenge of finding foods that they can incorporate into their diets.

Those who have a sweet tooth often struggle because of the sheer amount of gelatine in many sweets.

We saw that problem and decided to do something about it. Our Vegan Fruit Jellies Bottle offers a shot of sweetness without you having to worry about any animal products being used. Besides being suitable for vegetarians and vegans, here’s what you’ll love about them.

They Make Great Gifts

Our Vegan Fruit Jellies come in an elegant glass bottle that makes them perfect for gifting to other people. The bottle is both sturdy and environmentally friendly as no plastics are used to make it. Plus, it’s reusable. After someone polishes off the sweets, they need only give the bottle a quick wash and they can use it again as a drinks container.

Of course, there are plenty of other uses that you might be able to find for the bottle as well. Perhaps you could use it as a quirky vase for some of your flowers. Or, maybe you could pop it onto the desk in your study and use it to hold some of your pens.

The point is that you get so much more than just the sweets when you buy our Vegan Fruit Jellies.

They’re Halal

The fact that the jellies don’t use any animal products means that they’re also perfectly suitable for those who wish to stay halal. You don’t have to worry about any haram ingredients finding their way into the sweets as there are no animal products at all.

The jellies carry certification from the UK’s Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC UK). As the name suggests, HMC UK monitors all types of foods that claim to be halal to ensure that they actually comply with the many guidelines that foods must meet in order to carry the designation.

They’re Completely Fat-Free

You don’t have to worry about enjoying these jellies if you’re on a diet either. They’re completely fat-free, which means you can enjoy a little guilt-free snacking without worrying about whether the sweets will cause you to pile on the pounds.

This makes our Vegan Fruit Jellies Bottle a perfect gift for somebody who’s watching their weight but can’t resist enjoying a sweet treat or two every now and again.

The Final Word

There are three reasons to love our Vegan Fruit Jellies Bottle on top of the fact that they're suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Here’s one more – they come in six different flavours. You’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Head to the Vegan Sweets page to find even more treats that use no animal products.