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Why Use Henna For Your Hair and Skin?

  • 2 min read

When most people think of henna they think of temporary tattoos. However, the substance has a lot of uses that many may not have thought of. Importantly, henna is great for your skin and hair.

Don’t believe us? At Jubbas we offer several henna products for you to try. Give one a go and you’ll find that you experience all of the following benefits.

Thicker Hair Growth

Henna is a natural stimulant that will help you grow more and stronger hair. That’s because you can use it to create an amazing essential oil that you can apply regularly to your hair to nourish what’s already there and spur the growth of new hair.

So, how do you create this oil? It’s simple:

  • Get around 250ml of gingili oil and heat it until it starts smoking.
  • Add five cups of your henna powder to the oil and allow the mixture to boil for about five minutes.

There you have it. A henna essential oil. Apply it to your hair a couple of times a week and you will soon start to see the difference.

Colouring Your Hair

A lot of chemical hair dyes can damage your hair when used over a long period. We can see that most prominently with peroxide, but there are plenty of others that weaken hair.

As a natural substance, henna does not have those negative effects. In fact, we established above that it will actually strengthen your hair. That makes it the ideal choice for a dye if you’re looking to change the colour of your hair.

Healthy Nails

It’s not just your hair that henna can help you with. The substance will also ensure you maintain healthy nails. The nails are something that many people neglect in their hygiene routines. However, you will find that poor maintenance of your cuticles and underneath your nails makes you a bigger target for infection as these are prime areas for bacterial growth.

To avoid this, steep some henna leaves in water and drink the end result. This will strengthen your nails and reduce any inflammation. You can also create a little poultice to apply to your nails that will clear up any infection and get rid of pain and irritation.

Easing Pain

Henna’s propensity for getting rid of inflammation and pain stretches far beyond your nails. You can actually use it all over your skin to protect it against any infections of reduce the effects of inflammation.

Many people apply henna to small burns and scrapes, both because it creates a protective barrier around the wound that prevents anything from getting in and because henna itself is a very soothing substance that can cool down the heat you feel around the wound. Think of it like aloe gel and you will have a good idea of how henna can work to protect your skin. Of course, you should always visit a doctor for any major issues.

The Final Word

Henna is a remarkably versatile substance that will help you in a lot of ways. Check out what we have to offer at Jubbas and start enjoying some of Henna’s remarkable benefits.