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Why We’re in Love with Faux Suede

  • 2 min read

If you’ve checked out the Jubbas homepage, you will see that we have introduced a whole range of faux suede cushions, each of which has a unique and inspiring design.

These cushions can effortlessly transform the entire mood of a room, with some even offering a talking point for when you have visitors.

Now, we mentioned that these are faux suede pillows, rather than genuine suede pillows. There are a few reasons why we have made this choice, which we’re going to share with you here.

Keeping the Cost Low

Genuine suede is a form of leather, which means it’s made using animal hides. Because of the complexity of this process, real suede costs a lot more to purchase and mould into a shape.

Unfortunately, this cost gets passed onto consumers, with the price of suede items generally being quite high. We wanted as many people as possible to enjoy our new cushions, which is why we decided to go the faux suede route.

No Animals are Harmed

Many people shy away from real suede because manufacturers must kill animals in order to make it. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, suede is completely out of the question because of the harm that it causes to animals. Some people are also just uncomfortable with the idea of relaxing on a form of leather.

Faux suede is an entirely man-made produce and no animals are harmed in its production. Think of it as a way to enjoy the good qualities of suede, such as softness and durability, without having to worry about the harm the material causes to animals.

Easier Cleaning

If you own any suede shoes, you already know just how many problems you end up with when it starts raining. Simply put, suede and water do not mix well. Water and water-based cleansers can damage suede to the point that it’s unrecognisable from when you bought it.

This makes it extremely difficult to clean suede properly. Faux suede doesn’t have that problem. Again, it’s a man-made emulation of real suede, which means that manufacturers have created it with cleaning in mind. You can wash a faux suede cushion with soap and water without having to worry about damaging it. That makes it ideal for houses where a lot of spills happen.

It’s Tightly Woven

Another benefit of faux suede comes from how tightly woven the fabric is. This lowers the material’s absorption rate, which means that spills don’t soak into it. Instead, they just sit on the surface waiting for you to come along and wipe them off.

As a result, you won’t find yourself scrubbing away for hours to get rid of stains on faux suede. Usually, a bit of soap and water and a quick wipe does the job.

There’s No Smell

This is a debateable point that depends on whether or not you like the smell of leather. Faux suede does not have this smell, which may make it more comfortable for lying your head down on.

Those are all of the things that we love about faux suede. To find out more about our selection of cushions, head to our Faux Suede Luxury Cushions page today.