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Ajmal Perfume

Crafting Happiness

Ajmal is not just about Crafting Memories through our internationally-acclaimed perfumes; we are also gifted, enriched and bejeweled with a number of socio-welfare initiatives under our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Caring for society is one of Ajmal Perfumes’ core values. We salute the vision and dreams of our Founder Father, Late Haji Ajmal Ali and his wife, Late Maryamunnesa Ajmal

Ajmal is a Brand with a ‘Purpose’ – every year, 10% of the Ajmal Group’s net profits are used for philanthropic activities. These funds go to the deserving and underprivileged in the form of free treatment in hospitals and free education in schools, colleges and orphanages; including vocational training of the youth. Thereby, we cherish the memories of beautiful smiles symbolizing happiness, as enriching lives through modern education and Crafting Memories of Happiness go hand in hand.