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5 Things You Need to Know About Hijab

  • 3 min read

Hijab is the Islamic expression of faith and devotion, but many people misinterpret its meaning.

The word Hijab, which lies in the Arabic root word ‘Hajaba’ means ‘hide from view’. Its translation in English is ‘veil’. On first look, it’s a scarf accessory for women, but if you dig deeper you’ll know it represents a lot more for Muslims. 

Therefore, a deeper insight into what is hijab and why people wear it can help you. Even if you’ve been wearing it for years, knowing facts about it can allow you to appreciate it even more!

So in this blog, let’s unveil the essence of hijab - 

Must-Knows About Hijab

Hijab Indicates Mindfulness

For women, wearing the veil is a sign of spirituality and mindfulness. They wear it to convey that their attention is on one's hearts and minds, not their appearance. One embraces the hijab as a means of expression rather than as a means of restriction.

Hijab also indicates that Muslim women do not care about appearance and wealth and only follow modesty. It is their love for Islam and its beliefs. 

It is wrong to believe that women who wear the hijab are narrow-minded. The truth is they think beyond materialistic things. To think progressively, we must first accept others for who they are.

Men Are Likewise Subject to the Hijab

The hijab also applies to men because its sole purpose is to encourage modest living and a love of God. Men aspire to wear the hijab daily, just like Muslim women, despite it not being as well recognized outside of the Muslim community. But the physical hijab for men is more concerned with covering the lower body than the upper body or hair.

Hijabs Are Not a Simple Headscarf

A headscarf is only one aspect of the hijab. It's more of a concept that includes all forms of modest clothing coverage.

In keeping with the original purpose, hijabs don't just refer to an item of apparel. It helps to live a pure and simple life.

No Single Reason for Wearing the Hijab

It is hard to find a single, all-encompassing explanation for why Muslim women choose to wear the hijab. However, there is the possibility of certain broad similarities. The prime reasons for each individual's decision to wear the hijab are different. Muslim women opt to wear it for several reasons- personal to religious, from readings of the Quran to fashion. But the fact that it is not a universal thing that compels everyone to conform is what makes it beautiful. In reality, it can convey each person's distinctive personality and viewpoint.

Hijab is Not Oppressive, Rather Empowering

The hijab is thought to be restraining for Muslim women. But that’s not the case. It does not prohibit them from pursuing their dreams, acting the way they want, or dressing how they like. 

In fact, the hijab acts as a freedom of expression of Muslim women’s pride and love for their religion. If you understand the reason behind it, you would know it’s just another form of feminism.

Hijabs come in many styles, from the stylish to the purely traditional. Whatever design you choose to wear, the values it supports should always come first. Be modest in your behaviour and attire.

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Feature Image Source: Photo by john crozier on Unsplash