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Islamic Fashion Arrives in San Francisco

  • 2 min read

There seems to be no halting the march of Islamic – or “modest” – fashion into the mainstream consciousness. That’s a very good thing, as it means that Islamic clothing is taking even more steps towards wider acceptance.

Some of the world’s leading fashion shows have already offered Islamic fashion designers the platform to showcase their designs, with the United States being particularly accepting of the ideas of new designers.

That acceptance will extend even further in September 2018, as the Fine Art Museum of San Francisco intends on holding a special exhibition that will further highlight some of the creations of the leading Islamic fashion designers in the world.

The Event

Announced in January 2018, the event will be named ‘Muslims and Fashion Now’, which means that it’s clearly going to focus on the rise of Islamic fashion in recent years, and perhaps how modern designers have adapted traditional designs to suit the tastes of a mainstream audience.

The event will feature designers from a host of countries, including London-based Saiga Majeed. Their exhibits will not only highlight their most recent designs, but will also examine the complexities behind Islamic dress codes, and how modern designers stick to these codes while bringing in other influences to create their designs.

More specifically, the exhibit will focus on the role of Muslim women in the modern fashion world. It hopes to highlight that influence that Muslims who cover their heads – as well as those that don’t – now have in the fashion industry. Most importantly, the exhibit will examine how these new beacons of style have done such a great job of drawing attention to and educating people about modern Islamic life.

The museum’s Assistant Curator of Costume and Textile Arts, Laura Camerlengo, says: “Muslims and Fashion Now will traverse different religious interpretations and cultures to range from high-end fashions, streetwear, and sportswear, to haute couture. One section of the exhibition will explore the global reach of Islam, including in the United Kingdom.”

What Will the Exhibition Showcase?

As well as offering some of the world’s top Islamic fashion designers a platform to talk about their work, the exhibition will also focus on specific items of clothing, including:

  • Abayas
  • Kurtis
  • Tunics
  • Lengha Suits

There will also be a lot of Pakistani fashion on display, including dresses and the Salwar suit – or Shalwar-Kameez – that makes up such an important part of the country’s dress.

Simply put, it will be a celebration of Islamic clothing, examining its history, key influences, and how modern designers have adapted to the demands of a rapidly changing market.

What This Means

This exhibition represents another step closer to mainstream acceptance for Islamic clothing.

The Fine Art Museum of San Francisco is one of the most popular in the entire United States, so an exhibition there is sure to draw attention, both from people who visit specifically to see it and those who may be passing through.

In short, the exhibition will highlight the artistry that goes into Islamic fashion and should serve as a platform to further recognition for all who exhibit there.