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Leading a Happier and More Productive Life – The 10 Sunnahs You Need to Know (Part Two)

  • 3 min read

In part one of this series, we examined the first three Sunnahs that will help you to lead a happier and productive life.

Smiling often, maintaining your hair, and never neglecting Fajr all make you more productive.

Now, let’s take a look at four more Sunnah that will help you in life, starting with number 4.

Sunnah #4 – Use Your Miswak

“When the prophet got up to pray at night, he would brush his teeth with the miswak” –Hudhaifah

This is only one of many mentions of the Prophet using the miswak on a regular basis.

The miswak is essentially a natural toothbrush. Derived from the Salvadora Persica tree, the miswak contains anti-bacterial properties that make it ideal for maintaining your oral hygiene.

Doing so ensures your teeth stay healthy, which prevents the sort of pain that can completely disrupt your day. A healthy mouth means you’re always productive.

Plus, using your miswak to keep your mouth healthy means you’re more confident to follow the Sunnah to smile often.

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Sunnah #5 – Maintain a Healthy Sleep Pattern

“Among the signs is that which has been created for you of sleep by night and by day, in which you get rest and stillness, and exhaustion and tiredness are taken away; and wakefulness and striving for one’s livelihood have been ordained during the day.” - Tafseer Ibn Katheer

The message here is clear. Allah made the night for sleeping and the day for conducting your business, whatever that may be.

Burning the midnight oil leads to you failing to resolve your feelings of exhaustion before the sun rises. This tiredness will follow you throughout the day, which increases stress and makes you less productive.

The simple message is that you should go to sleep early so that you can rise early.


Sunnah #6 – Stay Silent if You Cannot Speak Well of Something

“He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.” - Al-Bukahri

This is one of the most difficult Sunnah to follow simply because it’s so easy to find ourselves speaking for hours on end about subjects that do not concern us.

Gossip and negativity do nothing to make you feel happy or productive. You simply disparage somebody else, often without their knowledge.

When you speak, devote your energy to more productive speech. Do not waste energy on speaking poorly about something. That energy could go to something that will actually make you happier.


Sunnah #7 – Take Time to Visit the Sick

“Whoever visits a sick person (for the pleasure of Allah), a Caller from the skies announces: You are indeed blessed and your walking is blessed and you have (by this noble act) built yourself a home in Jannah.” - Ibn Maajah

The Prophet regularly spoke about the importance of charity and taking care of one another.

However, it’s so common for us to forget about the sick and ailing. While we’re in a rush to do other things, we overlook the plight of those who suffer.

But if you make time to visit the sick, you enjoy the immediate benefit of knowing that you have shared your love and kinship with someone in need. Be present and comfort those who are sick. This will also help you to better appreciate being able-bodied, which provides the motivation needed to stay productive.


To be Continued…

This covers four more of the ten Sunnah that we believe will help you lead a happier and more productive life.

The next part of this series concludes our list. Please check back soon to learn more about the final three Sunnah.