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May’s Islamic Fashion News

  • 2 min read

Every month, the team at Jubbas keeps track of the latest development in the world of modest and Islamic fashion. The evolution of this niche has created a multi-billion pound industry that we’re excited to be a part of!

Here are the most exciting developments to come out of the month of May.

H&M Launches Modest Fashion Line

Most UK shoppers know H&M as being one of the largest fashion retailers in the country. With hundreds of stores and affordable prices, it’s fair to assume that millions of people have at least one item of clothing from an H&M store.

That’s what makes it so exciting that the company has launched its own range of Islamic fashion.

The LTD Collection enjoyed a soft launch on May 3rd that brought a few of the items into stores. On May 24th, H&M launched the rest of the range as part of a nationwide campaign.

The move comes in response to the growing demand for modest clothing that the chain has experienced in recent years.

However, there are a couple of slight catches. The collection will only be available during the spring. Moreover, you won’t find it in physical H&M stores. Instead, it’s an online only collection.

Still, it’s a big move for the retailer. Of course, we anticipate great success for the line, which will pave the way for future modest fashion ranges in the store.

Islamic Fashion Reaches Japan

Though Japan has a completely different culture to most Middle Eastern countries, there are some parallels that you can draw. In particular, traditional Japanese fashion has a modest aspect to it that mirrors that seen in many Islamic countries. Moreover, Japan maintains a small population of Muslims and has seen a rise in tourism from Islamic countries in recent years.

So, it may not come as too much of a surprise that Japan recently held an Islamic fashion show.

The show highlighted how the Japanese dye practice of Aizome can apply to the current trend of Islamic fashion.

More importantly, it exposed those who attended to fashion ideas that they may not have seen before. Again, it’s another small step towards the mainstream for Islamic fashion. But perhaps more importantly, it’s a step taken in a country that’s traditionally fairly insular when it comes to what influences its culture.

Istanbul Opens Modest Fashion Mall

If you need any more evidence of the rising popularity of modest and Islamic fashion, you need only check recent developments in Istanbul.

The city recently opened a shopping mall that’s dedicated solely to modest fashions.

Zeruj Port doesn’t just focus on clothing though. The mall takes the modest trend and applies it to everything from clothing through to household items. It’s possible to find everything from major brand clothing through to small knick-knacks for the home. Most importantly, everything sold at the mall falls under the modest banner. There’s even a restaurant where weary shoppers can rest their feet and enjoy a good meal.

Jubbas supports all efforts to heighten the popularity of the modest and Islamic fashion industries. Our store also hosts some stellar examples of these fashions. Please take a moment to browse our online store to find some truly stunning clothing.