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Reasons to Buy a Mobile for Your Baby

  • 2 min read

Alongside our range of Islamic clothing, the team at Jubbas offers several childcare products, including board games and educational toys. We believe that you should have great toys for every stage of your child’s life, which is also why we stock a mobile for babies who have yet to start walking and exploring.

While mobiles look nice, many parents don’t realise that they also offer several benefits to developing babies. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy one today.


It’s important to keep your baby’s mind stimulated, even during this early stage of their development. Mobiles typically use several primary colours, and have a lot of interesting objects and designs for your baby to explore.

This ensures your child doesn’t get restless while lying in the cot. As a result, mobiles can keep babies quiet, offering you a little peace. For best results, look for a mobile that uses several different colours. Not only is this more visually stimulating, but it will also introduce your baby to several of the most commonly used toy colours for later on.

Pleasant Sounds

Many mobiles also combine their visual stimulation with various sounds and melodies. This keeps your baby’s mind active, and gives the child something else to latch onto that will hold his or her attention. Some mobiles even start introducing basic educational concepts through phrases, though it may be a little early to expect that information to stick for your child.

The use of sounds has an added benefit, as they can soothe your child to sleep at night. A soft melody from the mobile distracts your baby away from any other sights and sounds that could prevent them from sleeping, allowing them more rest and, as importantly, meaning you may get an extra hour or two in bed.

Motor Skills Development

In the early stages of your baby’s life, the child won’t have the ability to touch or grab the mobile. However, the device will attract your baby’s attention, and give them something for their eyes to follow. You may not realise it, but this helps in the development of early motor skills and coordination.

As you child gets older and starts being able to climb onto their feet, the mobile develops finer motor skills by giving your baby something to grab onto. It’s at this stage that you may start introducing other toys into the mix.

Educational Opportunities

There are few prouder moments for a parent than when their baby starts to form words. You can use your mobile to speed this process along through cooperative play, especially if the mobile places a focus on words, letters, or numbers.

Talk to your baby and start pronouncing the words that you can associate with the mobile. Your child is listening, even if he or she isn’t able to verbalise the words themselves yet. Over time, you will find that using your mobile in this way may aid in developing your child’s early vocabulary.

So those are a few reasons why you should get a mobile for your baby. Head to our baby mobile page today to get yours.