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“The prayer before which the Miswak is used is seventy times more excellent than that before which it is not used.” – Aisha

That alone should show you the value of using a Miswak to brush your teeth. Prayer becomes more effective if you dedicate yourself to a routine that involves this traditional cleaning apparatus.

But it’s not just prayer that benefits when you use a Miswak stick. The stick has an array of more practical benefits that make it an essential addition to your morning routine.

Benefit #1 – It Combats Bacteria

At any one time, your mouth may house 700 different types of bacteria, each of which number in their millions.

Some of these are good bacteria that help you to process the food that you eat. However, there’s also plenty of bad bacteria that reacts adversely to food. It’s this bacteria that create plaque and tartar, which means it lies right at the heart of tooth decay.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), using a Miswak stick helps you to combat this bad bacteria. It has anti-microbial properties that help it to get rid of the bacteria that harm your mouth and teeth. Generally speaking, those who use the Miswak have far fewer oral hygiene concerns than those who don’t.

Benefit #2 – It Combats Bad Breath

You may think that there’s not a lot that you can do about bad breath. It’s just something that happens.

But that’s not the case. There are all sorts of factors that play a role. Smoking and eating certain foods can affect your breath. So too can the bad bacteria that we mentioned earlier.

A Miswak stick combats the bacterial causes of bad breath. But the true trick lies in how the stick encourages saliva production.

Saliva is your body’s natural remedy to the bad breath issue. More of it means you’re washing away a lot of the impurities that lead to the condition.

The fresh and natural fragrance of the stick only adds to the overall package.

Benefit #3 – They’re Extremely Affordable

Buying an electric toothbrush can cost you close to £100, depending on which brand you opt for. Even a regular toothbrush will cost £10 or more if you choose one of decent quality.

Miswak sticks are a far more cost-effective solution to the oral hygiene problem.

Jubbas sticks are available for as little as £1 per stick.

Plus, you won’t have to spend even more money on toothpaste and mouthwash. The sticks handle all of that for you.

Benefit #4 – They’re Good for the Environment

Take a look at your toothbrush and check what it’s made out of.

That’s right. You’re brushing your teeth with a plastic stick that won’t decompose when you’re no longer using it.

That’s a major issue in a world where climate change is such a concern.

Miswak sticks offer an environmentally-friendly solution to the problem. They’re made using 100% natural products that decompose when they’re discarded.

That means you get a clean mouth without having a negative impact on the planet.

Are you looking for Miswak sticks? Head to the Jubbas online store today to find a selection of sticks.

Akil Desai
Akil Desai

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