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The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Products

  • 2 min read

Here at Jubbas we offer a wide range of clothing, children’s toys, and accessories, all of which are available to purchase as single items from our website. However, we also offer a wholesale service that allows customers to buy in bulk from us.

You may not be aware of the many benefits that purchasing wholesale from Jubbas may offer to you, so we have compiled a short list.

Lower Individual Item Prices

By purchasing wholesale you allow yourself to enjoy lower individual item prices for a larger upfront investment. Purchasing a set number of products in bulk demonstrates a commitment to your chosen retailer, which in turn is repaid by lower prices. For other retailers, buying wholesale means you gain access to stock, which you can then retail at a higher price per individual item in order to make a tidy profit.

Direct Access

When buying wholesale directly from a manufacturer or retailer, you have a guarantee that the items you purchase have not passed through multiple hands before finding their way to you. This is particularly beneficial when buying clothing wholesale, as repeated transportation can give clothes a weathered and worn look that makes them difficult to sell on. To avoid this, purchase wholesale directly so you can be certain that the clothes you buy come from the source without any other interference.

Benefit from Buying Online

When purchasing from a physical wholesaler, you may find that you have to spend a lot of time arranging site visits, examining multiple product offerings, and negotiating suitable prices. At Jubbas, we offer an online wholesale service that takes all of the hassle out of buying in bulk. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can gain access to great products at competitive prices and we handle all of the shipping requirements so you can focus on other things.


Buying wholesale offers you access to a variety of products that may not be immediately accessible when buying making individual purchases. Better yet, you may also gain access to similar products at varying prices, allowing you to make the choices that are wisest for your business aims and the needs of your own consumers.


As all of our wholesale products come directly from us, you can feel more confident in the fact that everything you receive is authentic. Buying from second or third parties lowers this confidence significantly, but by buying wholesale directly from Jubbas you know that you won’t be receiving any knock-off products or anything that has not already passed our own stringent quality tests.


Of course, one of the major benefits of buying wholesale is gaining access to high quantities of products, which you can then sell on to other consumers. This is ideal for those who run their own retail stores, or even people that just want to stock up on certain items so they don’t need to continuously go through timely purchase processes just to get something they want.

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