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The Benefits of Good Incense Sticks

  • 2 min read

As Asian culture has been increasingly accepted in the Western world, as can be seen, more recently, with the continued integration of Islamic fashion on the catwalk, so too have many of the accessories and health techniques used throughout Asia. Incense sticks, in particular, have proven popular because of their ease of use and the beautiful fragrances they emit. These aren’t the only benefits they, offer though, so read on to find out more.

Meditation Aid

To experience the full benefits of meditation you need to create the right atmosphere as well as find the correct state of mind. Incense sticks have been used by those who practice meditation for centuries because their aromas carry with them a calming effect that soothes both body and mind, making it easier to relax and find the meditative state that serves you best.

Connection With the Elements

The ritualistic act of lighting a stick of incense offers the user a deeper connection to some of the core elements that make up our world. You gain a greater and deeper appreciation of fire and the positive transformative effects it can have, which are best experienced as the incense starts to burn and you recognise the changes occurring in your environment as a result of the ritual.

There is Great Variety

Different types of incense offer various benefits. Some, such as cinnamon, can help bring your emotions into balance, reducing stress and allowing for more rational decision-making in the process. Others, such sandalwood, can relax you, which makes them ideal for meditation or for those who struggle with insomnia. The point is that incense sticks are available in a wide variety of aromas and types, which means you can find some for practically every mood that you may feel.

It Introduces You to New Sensations

While incense sticks are made using natural ingredients, the odds are that many of the beautiful aromas and fragrances you experience will be completely new to you. Furthermore, not all have access to the natural locations where such aromas can be experienced in the wild, meaning an incense stick is capable of bringing the sensory enjoyment offered by the great outdoors into your living room.


Philosophers have long engaged in metaphor to explain many of life’s issues and the incense stick is the perfect metaphor for a fleeting moment captured in time, or even for life itself. Starting out strongly, the stick is gradually burned away and, with it, so too does the aroma it generates fade. For as long as it is able, the incense will serve its purpose. In doing so, it teaches us that all experiences in life are fleeting, which can be a beneficial lesson for those who are struggling with stress or anxiety caused by personal problems.

It Teaches Attention to Detail

The ritual of preparing incense also teaches you the importance of paying attention to the small details, especially when used for religious purposes. This talent for detail can also be applied elsewhere in your life, particularly in the workplace.