November 07, 2018 2 min read

What makes a gift stand out?

It seems like such a simple question, but it’s so hard to answer. That’s why we often spend hours thinking about the gifts that we buy for people. You want to find something that they’ll fall in love with.

Personalisation is the secret.

With personalisation, you create an instant connection between the gift and the person who receives it. You’re giving them a gift that’s going to mean something to them because the gift’s all about them.

Jubbas offers a range of personalised gifts for you to choose from, including personalised prayer mats and personalised hijab cushions.

Here’s why people love them.

They Show You’ve Thought About it

It’s so easy to just go into a shop and pick anything as a gift. That’s what a lot of people do when they can’t think of something to get. They just grab the first thing they see, regardless of if they think the recipient will love it or not.

Let’s be honest. A gift like that’s going to get forgotten about in a matter of minutes.

With a personalised gift, you show the recipient that you really care about making them happy with the gift. They’ll appreciate it so much more because you’ve gone through a little time and effort to get it.

They’re Something to Treasure

We’ve talked about the personal connections that people sometimes develop to their gifts. We see it all of the time. A child may have a plush toy that they’re crazy about. You may have a gift of such sentimental value that you keep it somewhere safe, just in case.

The great thing about a personalised gift is that it doesn’t have to blow the budget. It’s something that the recipient can treasure instead of being something that’s as much a display of how much you’re willing to spend as it is how much you care about the recipient.

There Are So Many Options

You’re not limited to one or two item when it comes to personalising a gift. There are so many things that you can put a stamp onto to make it more relevant to the person who receives it.

The key here is variety. If it’s something that you think someone will love, the odds are that you can personalise it. And when you do that, you’re building an even deeper connection with the gift.

No-One Else Will Think Of it

Everyone’s been in a situation where they get the same old gifts from people. You might have a few relatives who buy you the same thing year after year. You may have some interests that people always gravitate to when buying for you.

That means you may end up getting the same gifts from different people.

The awesome thing about a personalised gift is that it’s something that nobody else will think of. You instantly make your gift unique to the person you’re giving it to.

So the next time you’re looking to buy a gift for somebody, think about personalising it.

The Jubbas team can help with our range of awesome personalised gifts that are suitable for people of all ages.

Akil Desai
Akil Desai

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