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4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Islam

  • 3 min read

As a Muslim parent, you must be looking forward to your kid learning about Islam and appreciating its teachings in their life. Instead of finding a teacher, you should yourself, deliver the message of Islam to your kids and become their first messengers. However, praying for Salah and reading the Quran can be difficult for children.

If you’re struggling to teach your kids about Islam, you are not alone. A few simple steps can encourage your little ones to learn about Islam and follow it. 

Here are some effective ways that can help you instil the values of Islam:

How to Teach Your Kids About Islam?

Praying In Jamaat

Allah loves it when we pray together. Make it a regular practice to do group prayer with your family once a day. Make prayer time a quality family time. Add some more significance to your prayer by allocating a dedicated area for it. Watching this happen, your kids will start understanding the importance of prayers.

You can also take them to the mosque for prayers. Praying in jamaat strengthens the child's bond with family members and helps them learn to be social with people. 

Build A Foundation 

Children are like a blank canvas, and therefore, it is easy to establish the foundation of Islam in their hearts and minds at a young age. If you want your child to learn the Islamic religion and respect it, you need to work from the beginning. 

The best time to start teaching kids about Allah is when they start learning names and pointing to people and things. Start with teaching them to point out their finger in heaven when someone asks where Allah is. Later on, start teaching the proofs from the Quran or hadith. The foundation gets stronger when you continue to teach them. 

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Play The Quran Audio

When something keeps getting into the ears of toddlers repeatedly, they grasp it easily. The same goes for the teaching of the Quran. You may not be able to sit with the kids all the time to memorize the Quran, and it can’t be taught in a single go. However, small kids do not need any curriculum to instil Islam! What they see, hear, and practice in their daily lives makes a huge positive impact. With time, practices turn into habits. 

Play Quran audio and ask them to listen to it every day. Hearing it every day will help them to memorize it. 

Set An Example

If, after multiple tries, your kid is still not interested to learn about Islam, it’s time to introspect. Your kid spends most of their time with you, and they start copying your behaviour from the beginning months of their life. You are their first role model. The way you pray and the importance you give to your religious practices reflects into the behaviour and learning of your child. Therefore, adopt an approach that sets an example.

You can also read the book of the Quran and watch videos of kids praying with their parents in front of your kids. Such videos attract kids’ attention. They may get motivated to replicate the actions of the videos.

Be patient and keep imparting the Islamic wisdom to your kids in small tokens. They will soon begin learning and appreciating its values. 

We hope this blog helps you teach your kids about Islam. For more such posts,keep visiting!

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