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April’s Modest Fashion News

  • 3 min read

At Jubbas, we’re extremely proud to part of the movement that’s making Islamic – or “modest” – fashion a part of the mainstream.

That’s why we have such a deep interest in what our brothers and sisters in the Islamic fashion world are up to. As part of our now monthly series, here’s a look at the latest in the Islamic fashion sector.

Dubai’s Modest Fashion Show

We reported last week on the modest fashion show that was set to be held in Dubai. This month, we have a roundup of what happened at the show.

One thing that helped the show stand out from the crowd was the use of high-definition holographic videos. Each of the designers on display during the show received a 90-second video package that showcased some of their most impressive designs. Beamed onto LED screens, these videos acted as the perfect set up for the shows that followed. You could think of them as little introductions that leveraged everything that modern technology has to offer to give a little extra sparkle to some already outstanding designs.

That focus on the modern extended throughout the show. Running from 10am to midnight every day, the show made great use of social media and popup exhibits to showcase the designers’ wares. There was always something new to see and attendees were never short of a new show.

It also brought together designers of all sizes. Individual designers got to mingle with some of the largest names in the modest fashion world. Notable attendees included The Modist and Blue Meets Blue, among many others.

In short, the event was a resounding success that has blazed a trail for future fashion shows in the heart of Dubai. Islamic fashion continues to carve out its own niche while also gaining greater acceptance in the mainstream.

Indonesia to Export More Modest Apparel

Indonesia has marked itself as one of the top producers of Islamic fashion in recent years. The country’s Ministry of Industry recently provided some encouraging news that further reinforces the idea that the industry is set for a period of extended growth in the coming years.

According to the Ministry, Indonesia expects to increase exports of modest apparel and clothing by 10% in the coming years in an effort to meet the increasing demand for clothing that the rise of Islamic fashion has created. This is good news for Indonesia, but it’s also great news for the industry as a whole. It shows that the demand is there, which means there’s plenty of space for new designers and producers to get their slices of the pie.

Progress in Saudi Arabia

Without getting too deeply into the politics of the country, Saudi Arabia has long been viewed as a little reticent when it comes to the fashion industry.

That’s why it’s so encouraging to learn that the country recently held its very first Fashion Week. The event showcased some of the leading names in Arab design. More importantly, it is perhaps a signal that the country intends to further loosen the restrictions that it has placed on women for so long.

The move comes in the wake of other recent changes, such as the lifting of the ban on women driving and the first screenings of films from Hollywood.

Perhaps modest fashion will also serve as a catalyst for bringing about positive change for women in Saudi Arabia.