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February's Islamic Fashion News

  • 3 min read

Here at Jubbas, we’re delighted to see that Islamic – or modest – fashion is making increasingly large strides into the mainstream.

We’ve reported on Islamic designers taking major fashion shows by storm a few times in the past. But the industry is doing remarkably well now. As a result, we’re going to start creating a monthly roundup of the most important news in the Islamic fashion industry, starting with what’s happened in February 2018.

Macy’s Embraces Islamic Fashion

Our British readers may not recognise the Macy’s brand. However, those in the United States know that it’s one of the country’s largest and most successful retail brands. In fact, the company sponsors America’s largest Thanksgiving parade every year, giving it a national reach that very few companies can rival.

Why is that important? Well, Macy’s has been paying attention to the rise of Islamic fashion and has responded. The company has introduced a range of new products to its line aimed at those who are now embracing the type of clothing that Jubbas has been providing for years.

This is a huge step forward for the entire industry. With a large retailer like Macy’s showing such faith in Islamic fashion, it’s likely only a matter of time before other major American mainstream retailers start doing the same.

London’s Modest Fashion Week

You know that a type of fashion has become more than a passing trend when it has an entire week of shows dedicated to it.

That’s exactly what happened in London this month during the Modest Fashion Week.

Running alongside the regular London Fashion Week, the event celebrated new twists on popular classics, such as the hijab and abaya. It also brought together designers from all over the world, who were delighted to showcase their ideas on one of the world’s most important catwalks.

Tickets cost £200 for the two-day event, with such a high price proving that there’s huge demand for the clothes highlighted during the event. All told, over 40 designers got to showcase their wares, once again demonstrating that Islamic fashion is the new big thing in the industry.

Incidentally, the event also attracted a number of celebrities. Among these was Lindsay Lohan, who sported an Abaya while attending the show.

The Launch of Seek Refuge

When you think of Islamic fashion, you likely don’t think of streetwear. This type of fashion relies primarily on classic designs that have served Islamic countries for centuries.

So the rise of a new form of modest fashion shows just how much Islamic fashion is permeating the mainstream.

This month saw the launch of Seek Refuge, a modest clothing brand that eschews the traditions often associated with Islamic fashion. Instead, it creates streetwear with a modest twist.

The brand is still in its formative stages. In fact, it has a page on Indiegogo for those who want to support the ideas behind it. We think it’s an excellent idea and something that may draw even more young people towards the idea of modest fashion.

The Final Word

Those were the most important developments in the Islamic and modest fashion world during February 2018. If you feel inspired to try modest fashion yourself, please don’t hesitate to check out the range of great items that Jubbas has to offer.