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How to Burn Bakhoor at Home?

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Do you know why the Middle East and Arabs are so popular for their Aromatherapy? 

The answer is simple - their age-long rich culture. It makes them unique and closer to Allah.

One of the most famous things derived from their royal culture is bakhoor. 

Bakhoor is an Arabian incense. It is a mixture of herbs, resins, spices, and dried flowers and is meant to burn on top of the charcoal to serve religious and earthly purposes. 

You can burn bakhoor in your home to make a spiritual connection with Allah- while praying and learning the Quran. 

Burning bakhoor at home is an age-old tradition in the Arabian Peninsula. At-home burning of incense has been practised since ancient times and is still practised by people who are interested in this art. Do note that the art of burning bakhoor requires skill and experience for the best outcome. 

This article provides easy instructions on how to burn bakhoor at home.

The Process Of Burning Bakhoor At Home

The best way to burn bakhoor is by using a special burner called a bakhoor burner. It involves a simple process. 

Thebakhoor burner has a small charcoal disc inside, where you put the charcoal. 

  • Place the charcoal on the disc and light them using an igniter or lighter. Let it burn for about 10 minutes until the charcoal is completely lit and turns black.
  • Once all your charcoal is black, place your bakhoor on top and let it start to spread its aroma. Cover the bakhoor burner with its lid or sandpaper. It prevents being blown away by the wind.

The authentic bakhoor fragrance is simply unforgettable and can bring old memories to life.

Tips To Remember To Burn Bakhoor

  • Burning bakhoor is a process that needs extra care. Your incense burner should be placed on a heat-resistant surface so that it does not melt under the heat of the coal. 
  • Avoid burning bakhoor near any flammable objects like books or curtains as these items can catch fire.
  • You need to ensure that the area around you is well ventilated and that there are no loose papers, curtains, or other flammable materials around. 
  • Use a little bakhoor at a time. Since bakhoor contains natural ingredients like herbs and flowers, it burns slowly and for a long time — which means that one stick of bakhoor could last up to an hour! 

However, if you use too much at once, your room will become filled with smoke and might even trigger allergies in people sensitive to scents.

  • Use bakhoor made from natural ingredients like herbs and flowers instead of chemical-based incense sticks.
  • Always burn the bakhoor in a porcelain pottery burner specifically designed for burning incense. 
  • It is important to use good-quality charcoal when burning incense. It will affect how long it takes for your bakhoor to heat up and how long it burns.

Bakhoor is famously known for its fragrance. However, it is a vital element for your spiritual health. Align your chakras and calm your soul in the presence of divine bakhoor. 

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